First grow LSD and GDP

So the front plant sprouted after about 2.5 days. The one in the back took a day longer but came up with helmet head for about 2 days till I removed the seed carefully. The back one has passed the other in growth since. They don’t seem obe growing as much as I thought but they are both short strains, maybe this is why, but I don’t know. Im using coco coir and perlite for top soil, and some “superb soil” on he bottom. I used the stuff from A pot for pot to make things easy for me.

I am using the mars hydro tent 24"x24"x55" I think, so a little taller than the 48-inch ones. I’m using a mars hydro sp 150 for the light. I have a 4-inch exhaust fan but I don’t have access to a lower port for intake as it’s against a wall. I might end up making a vent here. I have 3 6 inches and in there for airflow, everything is kinda thrown in here for now but ill clean it up eventually.

Im running the following advanced nutes:

Voodoo juice
Sensi Grow 2 part formula
Sensi cal + mag

and for flower ill add:

Sensi Grow 2 part formula
Big Bud

I use a zero water filter as my water source cause it gives me 0 ppm to start with. Right now as the plants are only a week old I’ve only fed them twice at around 70 ppm. I will be updating with pics as the row progresses. I’m open to suggestions. Should I add a cool-mist humidifier?


They look good to me. They don’t need too much feeding just yet anyways but will soon. But hope the fans arnt directly hitting them cause at that size itll mess the leaves up (from my experience) also add some calmag to ur 0 ppm water for every watering. As fars as the humidity, me personally i had it as low as 40% at that age and did just fine but thats subjective

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Ok, good to know, i wondered if the 0 ppm was too clean or not. And about the cool mist humidifier, i heard it will lower temp as well. sometimes in afternoon it gets up to 95 F in there.

Oh yea u may need to lower that temp. Kinda high. I use rhino skin to help with heat. Its a silica. U canntry that humidifier out if it does cool

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Some OK growth yesterday. So i busted out my HVACR thermometer and its actually like 4 degrees cooler than I thought. But I’d still like to know if a cool-mist humidifier will lower temps a little.

So i read that the humidifier will not lower temps. How about if I make a vent at the bottom of tent? As of now theres no real way for air to get in as all the built in openings are against walls.

The humidifier that u pour water and its suppose to be cold will work. I used one before i think it was called artic air or something. And the water i put in i kept in the fridge

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I was wondering about those too. The arctic fan on amazon? Im gonna add an intake fan. I think that the issue is it cant draw in the cool air. I have an upright a/c in the room the tent is in, as it is the room i sleep in as well. But the tent stays 10-20 degrees warmer than the room. If i can draw in the cool air im hoping to get it down to like 85 during the afternoon. Or when i flower i may have to have lights on at night when its cooler. The sp 150is already a pretty cool light temp wise.

Couple close ups, So the second one has like light green on the new growth, Idk if that’s normal, also the new leaves come out like curved like an upside-down bowl, but at the base, not the tip…idk its kinda hard to see in the pic

I might have just killed the second one… as you can see the jiffy pellet was slightly above ground. since the plant is only a week old i figured i could safely pull up the jiffy pellet as the roots were probably still within pellet. BOY was I wrong, I couldnt beleive the amount of roots on this week old plant, all of which were protruding from the pellet and got ripped out of the coco. i carefully put it back after cussing myself out for a few mins. only time will tell us the fate of this little GDP female. Hopefully just a little shock, which i was trying to avoid as i am not the most patient person.

New growth is usually light green then darkens as it gets bigger

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Good to know, thanks for the advice so far.

What do u mean u may have killed it? Pics?

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It still looks the same, this just happened. IDK if it will die or not, but i for sure up rooted it there was one that kinda sounded like it snapped, i pulled it up expecting there to be no roots yet outside of the jiffy pellet. I wonder if i should start another seed just in case.

It may be ok. U habe any pics? Ude be suprised the stess they can handle and pull through. Ive completely broke a stem off and taped it back and been fine. Now double the size

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It happened like maybe 30-40 mins ago, i added a lil more water after i put it back in a lil deeper. And i wanna say thank you, for real. I really do appreciate the help and advice.

It may stop growth a short time but should be ok. Just don’t ober water

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I just checked on them and it looks like its still growing, like it didnt even phase it…crazy.


Ude be suprised the stuff they can pull through from. Theres training methods where ur breaking stems on purpose and stuff

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Well here they are, I can’t believe the growth I got yesterday out of the plant I uprooted. I didn’t even slow it down, I could argue that it grew more yesterday than it had any other day. Crazy. Although I did raise the light cuz I’m worried about heat stress as it’s so hot in there. So maybe that’s why it grew so much? Trying to reach the light? Idk but you were right about it being fine. Again. Thanks for the advice.