First Grow (LSD & Amnesia Haze Autos) – How am I doing? – Tips for Success

This is my first grow, and I would appreciate any suggestions for improvements or tips for success. I just started week four of the grow; seeds sprouted on September 1st. Since this is my first grow, I decided to not attempt LST. I also believe I planted too deep in the fabric pot; next time I will only leave a couple of inches between the soil and the top of the bag. My set-up is:

Vivosun Grow Tent : 24 x 48 x 60. This is the newer, heavy-duty tent. I wish I had bought a taller tent; I was not aware of the amount of space lost to the filter, fan, and pot.

MARS SP3000 LED Light (300W). MARS recommends the light stay 18’ above the plants during all stages of growth; they also recommend 50% power for seedlings, 75% power during vegetation and 100% power during flowering. Running lights on a timer with an 18/6 schedule. It is 42.5 inches long; it fills the tent crosswise.

Vivosun 4-inch CFM Inline Fan with a 4-inch Carbon Filter. The fan runs 24/7.

Fans: one small stationary fan on the floor in front of an air intake port, one small, oscillating fan on a tent pole above the canopy. The fans run 24/7.

Apera PH20 PH Meter – Ph Up and Ph Down . Bought these in grow week three.

Vivosun Thermometer/Hydrometer

Three Gallon Fabric Pots with Happy Frog Soil

Plan to Buy : TDS Meter, Small Humidifier, Trim Tray & Scissors.

08/28 : Using ILGM’s germination guide, I put one LDS Autoflower seed and one Amnesia Haze Autoflower seed in room temperature water in a dark cabinet. The seeds sprouted in two days.

08/30 : The seeds sprouted; planted ½” deep in a three-gallon fabric pot with Happy Frog Soil. Sprayed the tops lightly with water. Plants sprouted in two days.

Week One (09/01 – 09/07) : During the first seek I sprayed the seedlings twice a day with water. The humidity was a little low, so I added a bowl of water with a wine bottle in the middle with a towel draped over the bottle (as a wick) in front of the fan on the floor. This increased the humidity from the low forties to the mid-fifties. Temps: Mid to Upper 70s & Humidity: 45% - 59%.

LSD Day Seven

Amnesia Haze Day Seven

Week Two (09/08 – 09/14): Plants are now in the vegetation stage. I increased the light from 50% to 75%. I started to lightly water the plants instead of spraying the plants. Temps: Day – Upper 70s & Nights – Low 70s. Humidity: 45 – 62%

LSD Day Fifteen

Amnesia Haze Day Fifteen

Week Three (09/15 – 09/21): I am now watering the plants to run-off. I am watering when the plants are dry, by the weight of the pot. 09/16: I fertilized each plant with ILGM Stage Two Fertilizer at 50% strength. 09/20: Bought the Ph Meter. Watered each plant with .5 gallon of plain water with a Ph 6.5; run-off was Ph 5.2. When I have watered to run-off, I have stopped watering as soon as there is a little run-off. I understand now that I should water until I have about a quart of run-off water. I will start this going forward on next watering (+/- 09/24); this will include another dose of ILGM Stage Two Fertilizer at 50% strength. Based on a little reading I wonder if I should use water at Ph 7.0, so I have a run-off of Ph 6.2.

LSD Day Twenty-One

Amnesia Haze Day Twenty-One

Thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions, and tips for success!


You won’t have to feed until week ~4 from the last transplant. The only thing I see missing is a PPM/EC/TDS meter for managing nute levels.

Plants look good. You’re doing well.

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Thanks, so no fertilizer this watering. Should I use Ph 7.0 water to get my run off higher?

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I try to only put in the correct pH. If you feed at 6.5, she’ll be able to make use of the nutrients in the soil. If you spend time over correcting, the plant is just going to fight harder to correct the pH of her soil so she can uptake nutrients.

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The fan and filter can be located outside the tent if height becomes a problem

Ur plants look good there healthy ur doing great keep it up and ur plants will reward you with a great harvest because this is ur first time i would let them grow natural without doing any training get the growing part sorted and then comes the training are they autos or photoperiod plants