First grow looking for support

The wattage advertised is not the true wattage of the light, you need to find the draw from the wall and then subtract a little for fans and heat loss! If you go with a bigger tent you will not regret it! Some of these girls can get big! As for lighting you would be better off using HLG stuff as @fano_man said, but there are other options also! I personally use HLG stuff and I love it!


:point_up::point_up: gotta run with em

That’s 3000$ in 4 fixtures I love em 750 each 640 watts apiece I’ll never need more light …ambient co2 ( without adding co2) over 800 ppf is over kill but you can get bigger and turn down for longer life of fixturebyou won’t be maxing the devices power supply out won’t be getting super hot just a good idea u will understand once u spend 300 and u still end up wanting the 700 light in 6 months

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:raised_hand: me I did it… I purchased the other lights and tried to go the kit route and still wanted a real light after I realized what I purchased … don’t be

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Then once you buy you high dollar lights u learn how to build them for cheaper


@rterry welcome to the forum. I’d recommend go as big as you can on a tent. I started with a 3x3 and switched to a 4x4 very quickly and it has not let me down. You can grow one plant comfortably in a 2x2 tent maybe two if you really crowd them. Do research on lights. If your looking at led most people will steer you clear of the inexpensive lights on Amazon. Look at hlg lights. Lighting for sure is a buy once cry once endeavor.

Shoot…I didn’t think of the distance between the lights and ceiling / plants…
(I was cut off by a limit…sorry!)
I will look into HLG. Thanks.

BTW…I am growing only 2 plants for my first venture. Some of these set ups are quite large!

Anything less the 7 foot is to low for my lights from top of tent to highest I’d be able to reel up my 600s are 6 inches between ceiling and bottom of fixtures… I would need atleast 12 to 18 inches between my light and canopy… 1 foot up from floor is bucket height leaves you with a max of a 4 foot plant that’s livable I usually train the hell out of my plants and there 6 foot plants that grow <---------> instead of ^^^^^

Thanks for the suggestions Fano on the lighting.
I am only growing 1 or 2 plants at a time…nothing big.
Your lighting suggestions are kind of overwhelming.
Will a TS 1,000 W LED be ok for this?

For 2 plants kinda nymore no way you’d be better off with hlg 260 xl for 2 plants

And ability to do a lil more