First Grow, Looking for insight

Hello All!
New here and my first grow. Just wanted to drop these photos and notes and get some insight. I think I’m doing ok, but IDK for sure.

First Grow Journal
Vendor & Strain
ILGM Northern Lights Auto
Set Up
Avg Temp and Humidity since start 72.6F/71.9rh
Mars Hydro 24x24x55
TS 600 Light ~ 12 inches from canopy
Marine Orbit Coral led set to all blue~12 inches
Humidifier and clip circulation fan in tent
Chicken brooder heater under tent platform
Dehumidifier in grown room
4” exhaust fan with charcoal filter
Govee WiFi Thermometer/Hydrometer
2 more back up thermometer/hydrometers
Everything is Wi-Fi monitored and controlled

Soil is Fox Farm Oceans floor with added organic perlite

Grow Journal
29 Nov 2021
Dropped 2 seeds in room temp tap water at 1400. Room temp range for duration of germination, 62-75

Dec 1st, 2021, 1200
Tap roots sprouted

Dec 1st, 2200
Mary was planted approx 1/4” deep, Jane approx 1/2-5/8” deep. Both seeds had to be handled rougher than preferred, in order to plant root down, but both roots were still very small. Soil was slightly dry but seeds were sparsely watered then top layer of both pots were heavily misted.

Dec 3rd both plants broke through, Mary approx 12hrs before Jane

First 2 photos are Mary, followed by Jane. All photos are day 11 since sprouting through soil.


Almost forgot…. Thanks in advance everyone!!!


@Dr.D welcome to the community
Looking beautiful and healthy good job, congratulations, happy growing
I’m in autos to


Looking great, good job heading in right direction. I might be wrong only they I would say 12 inches to light might be a little close? If can look into photone app, quick read of DLI, might help. Might raise light to around 16-18 inches.


I’ll do that, thank you!! Exactly the type of advice I was hoping for!!

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Looking good, I love autos!
All my grows are outside now gave up on using lights I just make sure I grow enough ( 2 -3 plants ) for my use until the next crop is ready.


they look great! my girl (auto sour diesel) is only 1 day ahead of yours and they look to be growing the same, except your leaves look better than mine haha. Happy growing!

In case you want to check out mine Growing for the first time!


Lookin good Dr. They don’t need much light or water at this point so be careful to not smother them with too much love!


Looking good keep it up


Those girls are pretty!

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Looking good. Off to a good start. Down the road during flower the TS600 may come up short on the power needed. It is only 100w. In the description it says 1.5 x 1.5’ bloom stage.


Hello All!
Thanks for all the initial replies. I’ve made a few adjustments such as lifting the lights up to 16” and watering less. Here’s the updated photos, taken this morning (day 18 since both plants sprouted).

As you’ll see below, Mary looks good but Jane, not so much. Since everything else with these two plants is the same, today I added rotating the pot positions to my pot rotating routine since the only difference in position is that Janes fabric pot was beside the intake vent at the bottom of the tent which is usually full open(maybe causing her to dry out faster🤷‍♂️). Please let me know your thoughts. I suspect I’m under watering, but the info available to distinguish between over and under-watering is very confusing.

Mary looks to be doing great as she has from the start. My only concern with her is very minor leaf tip drooping on one leaf and a leaf touching the soil. Should I be concerned with either of those? They’re annotated in red below.

Jane on the other hand, is more concerning. She doesn’t appear to be thriving and has much more leaf droop. See photos below.

Thanks Everyone!!!

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They look great! I’m a bit surprised you have the light so close to the plants though.

Do you know what the ppfd/DLI is from that distance? I have the same light and tent, but am 24 inches away.

Also, those tips look darker green, so maybe nitrogen toxicity? I’m a noob but a lot of my research tells me that could be the issue there.

Hey Y’all!!
Just wanted to give a quick update on Mary and Jane and say thank you to everyone’s tips! Looks like I was under-watering them, in fear of over-watering. Jane (on the left), who seemed to be the weaker plant, has now started growing fast and stretching a bit. Mary is still short, squatty and looking great, IMO. After the last post, I gave them both a healthy watering and noticed improvement within a few hours. I let them dry out for several days then began LST, then another heavy watering after LST. You’ll see that everything looks wet in the pics, but that’s from spraying them down after LST today. Also, would you say they’re starting to pre-flower? Anyway, here’s the pics. Please give me feedback if you see anything good, bad or ugly. Thanks again!!!

Oh yeah, today is day 27 since breaking through the soil, day 29 since the seeds split in water and were planted…

Need help!!! Not sure what’s going on with this plant. It’s been problematic since the start, but seemed to get better for a week or so and is now going downhill again. Everything is the same as it’s sister plant which is doing amazing. Any ideas? Thanks!

You don’t need to spray your plants
Water droplets on leaves are like a magnifying glass it can burn the leaves

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As far as preflower it will start with small calyx’s at the nodes there will be 2 tiny almost clear hairs growing out of them.

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Here’s another you can see the hairs if you look closely. Also an example of a super cropping.

it took almost 3 weeks for that plant to transition from preflower to flower

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Nice! Thank you! So these are flowering then, correct?

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