First Grow - Looking for flower magic and some help from friends

Im on first indoor, walk in closet. gettin tent for next grow in basement. Im having heat issues
in closet upstairs. I think the basement will be easier to maintain temp especially since East Coast USA summer approaching (hot) Keep up the good work. Im following…


Your plants are looking good and the plan to get a taller tent is spot on… You will be able to adjust you light and trimmer much better…



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@Sizzzl Sounds like a great place for them in the summer!


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How is it that I have a question already??
Plants are only 14 days in pots. I pre-watered the pots before planting them from their seedling cups.
Pots were light, so today was my first water in their pots.
And I noticed these leaves on the amnesia haze.
Looks like cal-mag deficiency to my untrained eye??

But it’s only 14 days in pots, and never watered.
Other ideas?

Looking good

Ahhhh! She’s getting worse. Only 15 days in a pot and only one water. Cal-Mag deficiency already??

@beardless @VirginiaGrowBoy @Storm @Sizzzl @Aussie_autos @anon53927112 And whom ever would like to offer an idea.

Meanwhile…… Blueberry looks good

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Wet that pot to runoff. Then lets get on a regimen.


Have u checked ur plant for pests thats not a calcium def that looks like pests have done that i could be wrong

Looks like calcium deficiency but with the soils you used and mixed together and your pot size, this shouldn’t be happening.

I’m perplexed.

Is it only on the bottom layer of leaves?

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Sometimes just the bottom first leaves are a little wonky. Is it anywhere else? You may have to give it a day and check

I mentioned my growing of Amnesia Haze auto was a learning experience. One thing I found with AH is they are very sensitive to pH fluctuations or it being out of its particular zone. These pictures are from growweedeasy plant problem diagnosis

I would have thought 6.5 would be good. But maybe it isn’t.
Do you have any left over soil mix to do a slurry test? When I used soil I tried to get pH & ppm readings from a fresh mix. Sometimes it can be off from what FF intends.
The other thing is to change the pH of the water / feed. I would try something like 6.8.
The currently affected leaves will not improve. The hope is new growth will be healthy and unaffected and for existing growth to stay healthy.


@Aussie_autos No pests. Checked both plants.

@VirginiaGrowBoy Right?!? @beachglass It was only on the bottom leaves yesterday but it’s moved up one node and got more pronounced today.

@Storm I have CalMag coming tomorrow. I didn’t think I’d need it so soon.

I was hoping you’d chime in @beardless. Since you have experience with AH. And I think you might be right. I PHd my water again and it was up to 7 :worried:
I know PH can change when water sits out but…. My own fault.
So I re-PHd to 6.3 and re watered. Probably too big of a swing for an apparently REALLY PH sensitive plant. Here’s hoping!

I would have never known it was the water PH issue by looking at the Blueberry.

Here’s a thought…. ILGM Should sell a “starter” pack with some of the more forgiving autos. Good for a first grow. And Amnesia Haze should not be part of it :wink:

My amnesia growing like crap also.

Ha! That’s awesome! I never even saw that when I was shopping. I think it was because I had my heart set on having Blueberry in the mixed pack.
It’s good to know which ones they consider “easy”.

Chasing instead of leading…. I like that analogy for this plant.

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I grew Blueberry and AH separately. The Blueberry was a trooper and unfazed by my mistakes. AH on the other hand was tough. It was my second or third grow. The moderators stepped up and got me through it. Most of my I problem was my pH was way too high (found this out once I started checking) and I nuked one with Nitrogen overdose.

Two threads dealing with my issues. Maybe they can help

Amnesia Haze Autos are Ailing

My Amnesia Haze is now a chrysanthemum

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I agree. Sensitive boogers. My AH is nowhere near the other strains. I am gonna ride her to the very very end. Last 1 of those. Too much work…lmao.

My first grow was the same set if autos. The AH was actually the tallest and 2nd healthiest…I had more problems with the blueberry.

Not sure there is really all that much difference in easy in growing your first ones. I think it’s probably more of a crap shoot

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I think it was the Ph problem. Thanks @beardless
Photo of AH today shows about the same discoloration/damage as yesterday. So not getting worse. Whew!

And Blueberry is still coming along

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I think it’s time for a little LST. I’m looking at about 5 nodes….
I’m having trouble with the count because I cooked them a bit at the start. They are both fairly squatty and bent over at the bottom.
But I’m now in a 3x3x6 tent and I’m able to raise my light up to a more appropriate height.
Here’s some photos:



Also…. Is that clawing on AH. If so, I then it’s just because of the hot FFO soil, because I haven’t added any nitrogen or nutrients at all.

@VirginiaGrowBoy @beardless @Storm @anon53927112 @nmgeo @DrWatson420

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