First grow/LED help

Hey guys, I’m just starting my first grow and need some (a lot) of help.

I’ve just found this place and started reading about the basics so I’m looking forward to learning. Spent the last year or so over at shroomery and now I’m expanding.

Anyway I was given single fem seeds for CXX and utopia haze and then like six regular seeds of triple cheese X chocolate something. I forget what it is exactly.

I planted a couple regular seeds in cups and they sprouted six days ago. I didn’t have a growlight yet so I put them under some led bar lights but they were pretty stretched out the next day and one fell over. The grow light showed up so I transplanted them into empty gallon jugs so I could bury some of the stem and now they seem fine.

The light I have is 1000w but as I read I’m realizing that’s not the true number.

So here they are at day six after being repotted already. Does the light look too far away?? And how powerful is the light actually? Enough for a couple plants I hope. I’ve also been putting them outside for 4-7 hours a day until I know they’ll be alright inside and I get a fan in there.


Welcome to the community. :+1:



Lol I forget how overwhelming it is starting a new hobby with all the stuff to read.

I can’t figure out how to edit the first post but I forgot to add a picture


Looks like older tech, good enough to veg with but will probably want more light come flower.

I currently have 2X 1000 “supposed” watt led panels to power a 2X4 tent, essentially one plant per light

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Drop your light down about half way closer. :wink:

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Made n China is ur first problem here, Chinese LEDs tend to b “unreliable” is the nicest thing I can think of. I say that because I’ve been n your shoes, n learned the hard way. Spend the most u can afford on ur lights, I start my beans with CFLs, make sure they’re for horticulture purposes, usually T5s. U definitely need to lower ur light, n what setting u got it on? I can see by the pic u got a veg. setting n a grow setting. U said it just arrived read your manual it should provide some info, on height settings n such. Also check out the inter web there’s tons of info at ur disposal. Good luck, it may seem overwhelming at first but give it some time, n keep reaching out to the good people here n Mr. Bergman’s wonderful world…:alien:


The 1000 watts comes from number of diodes (chips) X the chip’s wattage
100 X 10 = 1000
In terms of power consumption (watts at the wall) it is probably around 150 watts +_.
What is the name on the light? Or you can look it up so you have an idea of its actual power. With these types of blurples you need around 50w per sq ft. This would be about the footprint of one small plant.


Welcome to the community!


Thanks guys.

Yeah the light was stupidly cheap. It’s “ismile”. I’ve had it on veg 24/7.

I’m planning on trying some in the closet and some out in the yard this first run. Im growing a ton of mushrooms right now so with the plants off to the side they should compliment each other, although I’m sure the c02 makes zero difference until everything else is on point.

I’m extremely light weight with weed and actually not that into mega strong high thc bud. After this first go around I’m planning on getting whatever to fix any problems and then growing some of the 10% thc 10% cbd strains.

So I dropped the light

I’m in the desert so I wasn’t sure outdoor is even possible here but I found a few journals in my area. I guess I just need shade cloth but it’s amazing the plants can survive the two months we get where it’s 105-120 each day and rarely gets below 90 at night. My pepper plants barely even made it.

That’s also why I’ve been putting my seedlings out for a few hours each day to ease them in.

Right now I’m planning on just topping and lst for these.

Fimming or whatever it is when you cut half the leaves off looks pretty interesting also but I haven’t read up on it yet.

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