First grow, leaves are yellowing and dying

Ive got Sour Diesel. Medium is miracle grow potting soil. I know not best but what I had from my garden. I use RO water. I dont have a moisture meter so i do my best checking 1-2 inches deep around my 5 gallon bucket. I have a 600 w light. Oh and im using a low stress method of bending due to my limited space and tall growing strain. Light schedule is 20/4
My issue is some leaves are dying.Any advice is appreciated.

I’d recommend getting a shorter pot to grow in next time. Your light is really close and it will only get closer in flower. Could you fill out a support ticket?


Just a guess but I would guess you have a couple of things going on, looks like Nitrogen deficiency and maybe a phosphorous deficiency depending on your strain. The purple on the leafs can be phosphorous deficiency or could be the strain , some purple strains do that. But the yellowing starting at the base is normally Nitrogen deficiency. I’d be sure your PH run off is coming out correct and feed some nitrogen, should correct in a week.


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I agree with Denmar a good place to start would be get a runoff. Check p h a couple times try to get it under control. Too early in growth to be seeing that many yellow leaves. Good luck

I would start buy checking the runoff like everone is saying and whats is the night time temps i had one look something like yours a few years ago and it was form useing to much molasses and my ph in the soil drop big time and my night time temp was droping below 50 not saying thats it but like everyone sead start with checking the ph runoff

Get rid of the yellow leaves trim the bottom so no dirt can touch the leaves I ran into a lot not enough air pluck some leaves let the air get at it don’t water for couple days could be over watering

What is a support ticket and how would it help me? And which is a good ph meter, i dont want to buy crap tools.

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  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths

  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

  • Indoor or Outdoor

  • Light system

  • Temps; Day, Night

  • Humidity; Day, Night

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“I’d recommend getting a shorter pot to grow in next time. Your light is really close and it will only get closer in flower. Could you fill out a support ticket?”

Thanks MattyBear, support ticket info copied. I will provide more info when i can. What size pot is ideal? Any recommendations on a PH meter?

Thank you to everyone who offers their advice. I greatly appreicate it.


I have this one, I have never done PH testing before in my life and this meter was easy to figure out and calibrate. Keep it calibrated each time with 7.0 or 4.0 solution you can get on amazon.

The fabric pots have a lower profile and that would give you around a foot more height space :wink:

Miracle grow is not for cannabis.