First Grow leaves are curling up

This is my first grow. Everything was going well but today I noticed the leaves on one beginning to curl up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

White Widow Autoflower planted in Miricle Grow Performance Organics Container Mix. PH is 7 and I have not added any nutrients. I’m growing in a closet in a spare bedroom. I have it lined with foil but keep the doors open most of the time. As for lights I have 2 that I switch back and forth. A Light for Pot single Pot 75 Watt LED Grow Light and a Spider Farmer 2 x 2 Grow Light (SF1000D). The temp stays between 75-85. We use a dehumidifier in the house and it stays around 50.

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A picture will help a lot make sure you wait for it to load and welcome

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Is this the pH of what is going in, or is it the runoff pH? A picture or 2 will be helpful, but curling leaves is usually the result of pH problems or nitrogen toxicity. I suspect both given that you are in Miracle Grow.

I must be overlooking something, I did not see a way to download my picture. I was thinking it was the soil also.

First image is the button on a phone. Second pic is the button for uploading from a PC.


For the PH the reading was taken in the soil.

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Using what, specifically?

It looks like heat or light stress - I’m suspicious the SF light might be a bit more than it’s ready to handle. But absent some more details (what % power, how far from the plant the light is, what temp the closet reaches when you’re using the SF light) it would be hard to diagnose.

Also welcome welcome. I promise we’re a friendly bunch, I just forget often to not go straight to business :rofl:

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Hey, can’t help you cause I’m new
Myself but maybe someone can help me? Can’t figure out how to start a new thread… I planted both my white widow auto flowers at the same time but one looks great and the other doesn’t. Help?? Advice?

@DJS It looks pretty good to me?..@kdot Not to worry too much…Ive had that happen to me @ least once or twice…Personally I think its genetics more then nurture… Some are just late to the party.

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Okay thank you!

How far away are the lights? Maybe move them a few inches higher or dim them down a touch

They were about 8 and I moved them to 12. No dimmer. She does not look worse today so hopefully raising the lights helped. I’ve been leaving on for 16 off 8. Should I adjust ?

Thank you, I’m betting on light stress for now and I’ll see how it goes.

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Thank you so much for the pics, as you can see, I got it!

If you are using one of these

You will have PH issues …not very accurate

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That’s kind of ironic. I was afraid the one I had for house plants might not be the best thing so I ordered a new one (on the right). Do you know how accurate this one is?

That was good, I left the pic out!

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I’m sorry I do not …but it has to be more accurate then the other …
The other is ok for light and moisture …but when using it for ph …it says 7 it seems no matter what

Welcome to the community, Miracle Grow has slow release nutrients, biggest concern is the release of nitrogen that you can’t control and lead to toxicity. My 1st and only grow was MG and I was clueless to why I couldn’t get stable readings on my run off testing, the culprit was slow released nitrogen, which will happen during routine watering. @Dr.ofSmokology has grown in MG with success but think he’s changed up his medium since that grow :love_you_gesture:

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nope nope nope. @OGIncognito im still in the Miracle Grow for the time being. im actually going today to pick up some more devil seeds and some FFOF getting ready for chop day so i can get the next one on the go. 18 days till chop