First grow- leaf issue, help please

THC Bomb. Sprouted 10/15. Has been growing at rate of about 1”per day. Based on what I have been reading from similar posts, I think one of two variables might be in play.

  1. Fertilizing with Advanced Nutrients Micro Grow and Bloom (4ml each per liter of water). After looking at my journal I realized I fed on 11/23, 11/25, 11/30, and 12/3. Could this be nut burn?
  2. Since sprout have been using 600w Viparspectra LED at 18” from canary. Added second 600w on 11/26, spaced 9” from each other and adjusted height to 25”. On 12/1 I noticed tips of new growth brown, so adjusted lights to 28”. Too much light?
    The discoloring began almost overnight. Yesterday morning things looked ok, this morning, not so.
    My last question is: after I hopefully resolve this issue, is it too early to switch to flower?
    I appreciate you all,
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Do you have pH in/out and ppm numbers?
What type of soil?
What type of water?

Nice plant I don’t think you have a light issue. As @Drinkslinger mentioned it would be beneficial to take a look at your pH numbers and PPM numbers. Good luck

Ashamed to say I have no idea what ph or ppm are. I decided on micro, grow, bloom because it is supposedly ph perfect, and claims to eliminate need of ph, ppm monitoring.
Soil is Fox Farm and water is purchased jug drinking water. As I said in original post, this just started happening and the only two things that have changed is added lighting, and I may have over fed last week. Up until now she has been doing wonderfully.

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pH shows the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

Ppm (parts per million) Is used to describe the concentration of something in water or soil.

We frequently use pH data to find out if the water/soil/nute solution is with the range our plants need to be able to uptake food. We use ppm data to see if our plants are being over or under fed.

Is the drinking water you use distilled or RO (stripped of minerals)? It should be on the label.

Hi Drinkslinger,
Thanks for getting back. Water says processed by: carbon filtration, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis, submicron filtration, ozonation, ultra violet light.
Are you familiar with Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow and Bloom? I have been mixing 4ml of each in 1 ltr of water when I feed. That is how I read the instructions. Now I’m wondering if I am supposed to be using a specific bottle per stage of growth/bloom. I have emailed support at Advanced Nutients, but have not heard back yet. So, until I can (hopefully) get this figured out, I am only watering at this point. I will get on Amazon and order a pH, ppm monitor. Any suggestions on what type/ model?
I’m really stressing over this😞

The apera ph20 is good. The ph60 better.

So it’s basically RO water. I suspected that. Do you add calcium or magnesium/ calmag?

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I was going to try cal mag next. I watered today pretty well. Should I wait til it drys out a bit before adding? My thought was to flush if it was burn, which is why I watered well. I’ve been surfing the forum, and other people have shown this same issue, but diagnosis has not been definitive. Most suggest cal mag, so I thought that should be next step. Is it ok to continue feeding after a shot of cal mag, in your opinion? Btw, thanks for your help.

Check with your light manufacturer on their suggested height for veg and flower. LED’s typicallly run 36" in veg and 24" in flower. I also saw you said you added another 600w to the room? How big of an area do you have, I doubt it pulls 600w from the wall but that is still a lot of light for her right now.

As others have said you really need to know the pH of your fertigation after all nutes have been added along with the strength in TDS or EC. Have you been flushing with water after three feedings? I typically feed, feed, feed, flush with pH water and then go back to feed, feed, feed, flush. This helps to remove any salt buildup from the nutes. Others have said Cal-Mag and that is a very good possibility, this could be a compounded problem from multiple issues as I have mentioned earlier.

I’ve never used it, but I looked into it once. I’m fairly certain it’s optimized for hydroponics or non soil medium. It balances the pH to 5.8-6.2, (optimal soil pH is 6.2-6.8). So using it, without checking pH, can lock out important nutrients like calcium. Using RO water will also give your plants a calcium/magnesium deficiency since all the minerals have been filtered out.

My first thought was that you have a calcium deficiency. Why this is happening is the question… hence why I was looking for info.

Until you get a pH meter I wouldn’t worry about flushing.
I’d get some cal mag, there are many versions, and foliar feed the plant. Get a small pump sprayer and follow the directions. This should help future similar issues.

Keep in mind that damaged leaves will not recover. When they turn yellow or dry out, just pluck them off.

Feel free to keep us updated.

Please check pH from now on.

Thank you for the help. I ordered ph meter, cal-mag, ph up and down, and all are arriving tomorrow. I couldn’t find cal-mag at ANY nursery or plant supply store locally! Must be the time of the season. I’m thinking of switching nutrients too. Suggestions? Sorry for being a pain in the ass.

It all depends on what you’re comfortable with.
Some, like earth juice, are labor intensive, but purportedly give fantastic results to reward the effort.
Others, like fox farms trio, are easy and widely used.

did you ever figure this out? i used the AN line and ran into some calcium issues a few times. you shouldn’t have to be checking the PH of your water with this line but to avoid deficiencies they want you to feed 100% every single day, which is ridiculous. on off days I added some calmag and when NOT using the AN nutes you do have to Ph the feeding.