First grow just looking for some guidance

Hello everyone I just got my new light in and just transplanted them from the small cups how do the look. I transplanted because they were drooping so I’m sure there were a little over water I just took the domes off two days ago


Looking good :+1:

So far so good, so what’s the strain and medium?

It’s super sunk and I’m growing in happy frog fox farm

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Nice choice on both… I am growing super skunk in happy frog, be easy on the nutrients . I would do half feeding through the grow.


Your off to a great start! The best thing i ever learned about growing is to leave them alone as much as possible lol.


@Familyman leaving them be is the hardest part, similar to a parent letting a child grow up it’s a hard adjustment.

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So hard to leave them alone I’m checking on the every 20 mins like I’m gonna see a change or something

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It starts that way