First Grow, Just Harvested

This was my first grow, it was an autoflower blueberry and it was grown outdoors. Everything seemed to go alright, the plant was definitely on the smaller side but I made it through and was able to harvest something. Which was all I was hoping for on my first attempt. Right near the end, about a week or so before I planned on harvesting, I noticed a few small fan leaves had turned a darker yellow maybe brownish color in a couple different sections of the plant. I quickly googled and I’ve been worried about bud rot since. It didn’t smell funny but I immediately took those sections out and then went ahead and clipped the rest of the plant a few days after that. These pictures are from yesterday, I just want to make sure everything looks alright. I think the pistils are supposed to be this color from what I have read online. Just hope the rest of the plant is okay to smoke? I appreciate all the support on here!


Very nice! Congrats on making it to harvest! Looks tasty!
Enjoy that and then imagine how your next attempt will be even better!

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Beautiful colors! Fan leaves yellowing are good sign when you’re close to harvest. It means the plant is using up all available nutrients. You want as little nutrients as possible present in your flower at the time of harvest. The more nutrients lingering in your plant, the harsher the smoke will be.

Absolutely wonderful colors. I hope she tastes amazing.

Congratulations, gorgeous colors!

Those are some beautiful buds! Congrats on your harvest!

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Very nice work!

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Love those colors on those beauties