First grow! Jumping into Hydroponics with Autos. Please send tips!

There are a lot of different ideas on how to start seeds in hydro. I use what you have and haven’t had any issues with them yet.

Seedling stage last about 2-3 weeks after breaking ground. Technically the seedling will live with no nutes for that period of time. The cotyledon leaves will feed the plant during that time. I don’t put them in my net pot till they have about 3-4 sets of leaves.

I then set the water 2” below the netpot. The air stones will bubble water up onto the roots enough to get them going, provided you have strong enough air.

If that’s the only tote your gonna grow in, you might want to consider growing just two plants in there. It is recommended each plant be about 2 ft apart. They will get BIG! :scream:
You can do clones like you have them but full plants will get real crowded quick!

After seedling 2 or 3 weeks, I would start nutes out around 200-400 ppm’s. Increasing each week or as needed.

I use Jacks nutes which to me, takes all the guess work out of feeding plants. You just mix and feed.

Now, if your environmental conditions are pretty stable, nutes will stay the same and PH will stay the same as the water level drops.

I would recommend draining some water out and filling back up till your ppm’s res reaches about 350-450ish ppm’s. PH at 5.8. They’re not gonna use much nutes at all for another week or two.
Do you have an overall picture of your setup?
Do you have a way to control your water temp?

Babies are looking good!
Good luck!

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So here is an overview of my setup, will be upgrading to a 4x4 hopefully soon in about 2 or 3 weeks!


And once I move to the bigger area, I’ll be moving half the girls to another tote so 2 totes in a 4x4. The water stays around 69-71. With the large amount of water temps aren’t an issue yet. But this is all central A/C controlled so hopefully it stays that way.


Something I have been quite pleased with, and I grow in hydro, is start them in Happy Frog and put them in a true biodegradable CowPot. I just plop each CowPot into a larger one, usually once, then onto the hydro pot. So I have had zero transplant stress. CowPots are not meant to last for very long, so you want to plan to repot as soon as you can.

Your grow and set up looks great! Best of luck!


Looking good brother! :clap:t2::clap:t2: Keep’em growin!

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Hey can anyone give me some insight. My leaves in a few of my girls started curling upwards. Now it is my belief that this is caused by heat stress. But my temps are at 79. Ph at 6.0. I lowered my light power from 60 to 45% to see what happens. Any advise?

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Leaf tips curling up is usually a sign of light intensity or too close. Keep on eye on them now that you’ve made an adjustment. How far away are the lights?
Also is that at the plant canopy level?

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Lights are about 26” away. And yea top of canopy.

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I have a journal I keep track of stuff like this. Here is my light height I go by.

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So I’ve added more nutes yesterday as we are at the top of week 4. Opening this morning and leaves have curled up again!? Not as much as last time though but still. Could I be giving the wrong dose of nutes and shocking them? I’m going off medium feed chart. Here’s the chart I’m following and some pics.

Just an update, topped half the plant as an experiment to see just how much it improves yields. In about a week I will split them up into their own 4x4 tents (the half that were topped) in one and the rest in the other. Same lights, hydro system ect… I’ve noticed some discoloration. Any ideas to what it might be? Ph is right at 6.0 ppm at 1400. In about a 2 days I’m gonna flush.

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