First grow journal

They won’t start to smell for a while, but when they do, they stink. I’d say your safe for about six weeks, or more.

When u flip to 12/12 watch out

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Ok. So they don’t smell.until they start flowering.

No, they’ll start smelling before that, but they really stink when they flower.

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Like I said in another post, I am a total noob to this. I feel like a baby considering I am 28 years old and know nothing about this. Heck, I just started smoking it about a month and a half ago.

How do my babies look in the last pic I posted? Two of em look kinda weak but I suspect that is because I just planted them today. I had no other choice though.

Do you have any light for them? They look good.

They don’t start smelling like marijuana growing until about 4 weeks into flower. Before that u will get a spicy smell. Maybe like someone cooked something u can’t quite place.

Right now they are under my bed. How much light do they need at this point?

And what type of light? My room is good and bright during the day. And I have a lamp with an incandescent bulb in it.

Did u say they are under your bed? That’s a first.

I want mine under my bed. Wait I have a platform bed there is no under… damn

How are they getting light?


No, that won’t do. They need special grow lights, or put it outside for sunlight.

Well, like I said, I live with a family member who don’t hold to this stuff. And we also have a Sheriff and DA election coming up in November. I’m kinda in a bad area for this stuff.

@anon95385719 I like your comment. That is a good one. :joy::sunglasses:

They will never grow under your bed. NEVER. For 1 plant in a small grow space U will need at least 1 real grow light. There are many ways to hide a grow. I wasn’t being rude your comment just caught me funny and I’m high so I really did laugh out loud.

If u can get a refrigerator box or make some kind of light proof space u can make it work but u will need something at minimum 2x2x4

Like the closet. Many people grow in closets.


I can figure out something. I can build a frame out of some lumber I have and cover it with a tarp. The only thing is the humdity this time of year. It is horrible. Today was 92 degrees and almost 95% humidity. I couldn’t stay outside long at all.

Ok. How about taking it outside? How much light to they need a day? I have an air conditioner window unit in my window and keep the temperature in my room at 74 or 75 degrees. I can’t sleep well at all when it gets above that temperature.

Most of us keep 18 hours of light, 6 hours dark schedule.

Ok. That is good to know. I really appreciate the info y’all are giving me.