First grow journal

Hello. I here and to marijuana in general. I will be doing a first grow journal and here are some pictures of the seeds I started yesterday morning. I got these seeds from the first batch I bought.

This pic is of the seeds that have opened the husk yet.

This pic is of the seeds that have broken through the husk.

All of them were done about 9:30 or 10 yesterday morning.

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I will be asking for advice and other ideas from time to time. One piece of advice I need is what type of soil is preferred. I am on a strict budget at the moment and the transmission in my truck needs to be replaced. So, with that being said, should I use compost, regular ground soil, or do I need something else?

Most here prefer Fox Farms Happy Frog for starting seeds. You can transplant into Ocean Forest, which is a bit hotter and will allow you to grow for quite some time without adding nutrients. Just make sure you’re using properly Phed water and are only watering when the top half inch of soil is dry. Sit back and enjoy watching them grow! :smiley:

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If your budget is tight U may want to buy a good soil so u won’t need veg nutes. Happy frog is probably the cheapest MJ specific soil. There is also a soil sold at Lowe’s or Home Depot called black and gold and it’s pretty cheap. U want to skimp where it doesn’t really matter but not on lights or soil.

Good luck!

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Get pro mix, they sell it everywhere. A lot of people use it. You’ll want a good light. What kind you got?

If u use promix u will have to buy nutes Bc it has none

Fox farm would be a good choice if u only have a few plants like @anon95385719 said. it might be a little expensive up front but u won’t need nutes till farther down the road so you will save money now to get them going least a month or two maybe longer

Hey people. Sorry for not replying sooner. I ran out of replies and I have been busy. Anyway, I am gonna try the Baccto potting soil for now. I have looked and the nitrogen is a tad higher than the rest of the fertilizer in it and it is pH adjusted. So, that is that. And as soon as I get back home from doing errands, I am going to put the seedlings and the one seed that hasn’t sprouted yet in two gallon containers. Btw, here are some new pics of my babies.

These are the ones that germinated early yesterday.

These are the ones that had not germinated with the other ones. The one that did germinate did so late yesterday afternoon.

Now, on to another question. I am having trouble figuring out where to grow them. Is there anyway to keep the odor down? I would prefer to grow them indoors because we have an almost every day threat of thunderstorms this time of year in my area. So, what would be my options? Thanks everyone.

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If you want to grow indoors there’s a lot to consider… and buy, it’s not a cheap hobby, but you can certainly do it. You’ll need a tent, or spare room to grow in, lights, fans and filters, meters, soil, pots, nutrients. If you’re game, then we can help you get everything set up for your new babies.

Thanks. I am hoping that if everything works out well I can take some of my harvest and sell it to get financial situation back in order. My truck needs a new transmission and that will be 1500 dollars for it. I will be putting it in myself.and if everythins goes way better than I expect, I may be able to get a totally new truck. Just depends on the way my plants do because if this works out, I will be moving to another state that I won’t have a fear of being arrested in.

Another question. Would large size Burger King cups work for initial containers? I have a whole collection of them and need to get rid of some?

Sure, as long as you make holes in them for drainage they should work just fine.

Where and how big should the holes be?

On the bottom and lower sides of the cup. Make them about 1/8" - 1/4", and you’re good to go.

Thanks. I am doing it now.

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Good news, everyone. I can not say that I have a 100% germination rate. I was getting the seedlings out of their paper towel and they have all germinated. Four out of four. I hope that ain’t bad for a first timer.

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Congratulations! That’s great, especially for a beginner.

Here is a pic of my new babies.

You can only see three of them but the one you can’t see just broke the husk today!!! Two of them look kinda bad but I was trying to get cautious about planting them because I live with a family member who will kick me out if she finds out about this. So, I waited until she was gone for the day to do this. And I was going to plant them individually but she had already thrown away the Burger King cups I had mentioned. So, I did the only other thing I knew. And that was get a small pot with drain holes in it. I put all four of them in there. So, with that being said, is it ok to do that for now? These seed came from the first and only 3.5 grams of Bud that I got. If they don’t survive, I can get some more.

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They should be okay for about a week, maybe two, but you’ll want to separate them before the roots grow together.

Ok. Thanks. That should be plenty of time to get my own pots and find a place to put them. Btw, can someone tell me of ways to keep the odor down? And when should I start noticing and odor? Like I said earlier, I live with a family member. I don’t want her to find them before I get a chance to get them growing.

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