First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


It was an error on my behalf. Didn’t want to send it into veg


@greencoat hows ur mother-plant flowering?


She’s coming back on track… now I’m not sure if the flower stage starts all over again I just have to monitor her


@GreenCoat, Nice shot, how far out do you think she is?


Hey there,

I never said; "
Old order #s get deleted.


I see some amber … but wait ain’t that plant been harvested already lol


No I put it back into vegetation. That restarts the flowering clock. … as for seeing amber… :nerd_face: I see “majority” clear! … maybe a tiny few amber

@kw_Bat I’m not sure because I revegged her so now I just have to monitor… anywhere from 3-5weeks I’m thinking


I’m dying for a full plant pic. Like full frontal!!


Not much has changed base. It’s only coming back into flower. But to kill your curiosity I’ll post one when lights are on…which is about 8 hours from now :+1:


Did you reveg on purpose? I’m just not getting it


Light timing F-up caused my flowering plant to go back into vegetation. I put things right and got her back into flowering.

So technically I stretched the flowering from 7-8 weeks to more like 10- 11


Qhat did your timer do


I lent on it with my hand and didnt notice until a few days later. Turn on lights for about 3 hours a day for I’m not sure how long


Mother today


Clones today


All clones are still clear



Daaam :cold_sweat:


U have so much weed its crazy! And the mother wow that’s a lot of tops!!


I’m not really good at seeing clearly and cloudy with trichomes, but it looks like u have quite a bit of cloudy here. Am i nuts?