First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


Youve got a nice setup. I bet the co2 makes a difference


I stop using the CO2 quite a while ago… I was chewing through it… I might give it another go will have to tweak a few things first


Oh… then why the amazing growth?


I got no idea😅… just doing what I’m doing. I have stopped using synthetic nutrients


I gotta go back thru ur setup


My setup is forever changing around though


Where do u get ur moss?


Local nursery


Which country?


Do u grow out of plastic pots? Nvmd. I use fabric. But im definitely going to try the moss


Let’s just say I’m not the same country as you… just be mindful the moss will lower the pH naturally.

My clones are in fabric

The mother is in plastic


Im thinking the advantage is moisture. Sufficient moisture to support rapid root development but less resistance than soil. If your roots selectively cover the surface of your grow first and then down, that could explain the growth… the roots filled the container efficiently. Thats my thought bout it


Yeah it helps for sure. My top roots always had moisture and it helped keep the meduim cool


Cherry Pie mother putting 9ut some sweet colours



Nice looking buds. I love the colors. How long do you figure until harvest? I may have to try growing some just to see the colors in person.


Well its just gone back into flowering after revegging so im not 100% sure of how much time is left. Whether i start the count again or just monitor it each week.

I have a feeling different parts of the plant are at different stages so it might be a case of harvesting parts of the plant at different times.

Shes a tricky one


Some of my autos are like that, do you know if you can do partial harvests on autos?


If the tricomes say its ready then its ready… i wouldnt go past amber if one part of the plant is still clear or cloudy


I’ve seen a few people here harvest the top and later the bottom with autos.


Revegged …why would you fo that end of flower?