First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


Clones are fattening up


Look at them stand up like Ladies in the Airforce. Nice!


@kw_Bat Haha i just added one that better suits your comment


I like it! Super fine chicks!


Damn. Looking good. All that from one seed… i cant wait to clone my gold leaf


I know right… i love cloning now



The clone ladies are looking good. You should get a nice haul from them.


Thanks. Got about 4-5 weeks to go so im thinking the same thing.


Clones look great :+1::v::bear:


Thanks Matty. They are really starting to frost up now. If i knew how good these would turn out i would have kept the mother in veg and cloned the heck out of her.


I love the sog of clones thats what i wanna do have a few mothers then just clone the shit out of them. Deffinetally doing that with my gelato when i decide to grow it.


Im thinking of using these bags for a clone army sog grow

I estimate depending on the actual size of the bag i may be able to fit 25 grow bags in my 2x2 tent… then i plan to use the floor of the tent to bottom feed the sog


…? Please elaborate


I plan to water the floor of the tent to carry water to the grow bags covering the tent floor in a “sea of green” s.o.g. grow. Clear as mud?


Ok gotcha … So you’re going to put mud on the tent floor…


You got it


But in all seriousness that’s not a bad idea especially when you can’t be moving your pots around…

I mean watering from the bottom up not the mud


Yes i understand. First a need a mother large enougg to clone…


Yeah im going get a few more packs of seeds and decide on a long term keeper and just keep that mother in play.

While growing fresh new strains on the side