First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


I found some, wide mouth 440ml online. Ball brand mason jars


How do these look after lollipop?


You look like a pro grower


Monkey see monkey do thats me…

I really like the idea of growing a mother and producing clones of each strain then move into the next.


Yes me too. I want to have an enormous 100 foot tall greenhouse


No way you can totally defol now.


I could yes, but im not willing to stress her anymore :wink:


@GreenCoat im not an expert but i would agree. im right now have been trimming fan leaves and opening up my canopy again for the 5th time in flower @basementstealth told me to be worried about over crowding i now understand what he meant i have buds that are growing into eachother. I would do light pruning to not stress her out. Can u post a pic of the top of mother plant. But thats my opinion and u dont want to have ur fans on to high u will get windburn and small airy buds.


Just take a few leaves a day, she wont feel a thing


Thats what ive been doing and it has works great!


@GreenCoat is worried his cherrypie will hermie


Totally get it and understand y. Im sure hes got this. Light pruning shouldnt cause hermie


I did a light trim oo the front section of the mother today. You can barely see l, but i removed allot for first day. Around 150grams


Clones update


Your clones are looking beautiful! How’s the flowering of the mother going? Looks like she is still struggling a bit. That sucks with all the effort and love you’ve put into it.


I wonder if you might keep the mother in veg, just bonzai her. Then clone some like u did whenever u need more of her. Also u can trade clones with other people.


@basementstealth I thought about that after I’ve already flipped her back to 12/12

Might be a little bit late for that now…?


It’s a bit tricky to say whether or not she’s still in vegetational or back into flowering…I think she might be still in transition. I was pissed off for about a week, now im over it. If I didn’t have the Clones I would probably be devastated but it’s all good now


Its seems like garden is in a good position. You can have a perpetual flower setup


Finally!!! Coming back into flower