First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


Thanks @shindig153 … yeah i dont intend on touching the mother at all now. Whatever happens happens.

I have 3 fans internal , an inline fan and a exhaust fan strong enough that its sucking the tent, RH 45%. So no issues with airflow here. Not sure how many fans @basementstealth has :joy: maybe he has 10 lol… i sense sarcasm from base with regards to his airflow comment :sweat_smile:


Edited: to remove things that thankfully can be removed.

I am actually concenred about your harvest being damaged by bud rot because of the density your mother plant is growing at.


@basementstealth … come on mate thats pure banter :sweat: from a friendly place, nothing serious base.

I wasnt offended and if it was sarcasm i quite enjoy it actually.

Geez louise :see_no_evil:


:neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes: whatev


Come on base lets not go down that rd mate. My apologies if my message seemed like it came from a negative place.

I have very dry humour


Ya ur humor sucks :joy:


Lets be honest though… you cant blame me thinking you were being sarcastic.

In the pic you commented on i have 2 huge fans bigger than my plant and one above the plant. It almost seems like overkill.

Then for someone to say “hey you might have an airflow problem be careful of bud rot” … that says to me youre trying to be funny (sarastic)

So thinking you were having some fun i replied with @basementstealth might have 10 fans.

But as it turns out you were being serious. So i apologize base

Get where im coming from ?


Sure. I wasnt looking at the fans, i was looking at how dense ur foliage is growing.

We r good. Im 100% confident ur mother and clones are gonna flower like monsters, ur gonna have so much an bud


Thankyou base i appreciate you taking the time to get my “suckful humour” haha . I guess i just expect people to get me, but its difficult in text and im a shit communicator sometimes. But trust me i mean well :+1:


Well lets just hope that my reveg error turns out to be a moster cropping bonanza!!

As for defoliation… that makes me too nervous and i shouldn’t push my luck. Ill get another fan if i have to :sweat_smile:


Also light penetration is a concern with more tops, but itll still be potent. Im looking forward to seeing how many quart jars u fill with ur harvest


I know but i cant defol now… i want to, dont get me wrong…really want to and i think its sound advice but im here because i stressed her… know what i mean…

I gotta get me some jars actually


@GreenCoat I love your grow. Well done! Question from a noob - I know you don’t want to stress the mom but if stress were not an issue would you or others recommend reducing the number of bud sites. Looks like she is LOADED and I have read some other sites that recommend reducing the number of colas to a certain number. That would also help with @basementstealth 's concern about the shear “thickness” of this gal. Although I have never had an issue with big gals, just wanna make that clear :grin::grin:



3 things

  1. It all depends on the strain and this strain is known to go hermie easier than other strains.

  2. You only want to take off tops (bud sites) in vegetation stage. But in saying that you can remove lower soft stem bud sites within the canopy. Which ive done

  3. Its also recommended that last defol should be 3rd week of flower

Glad you like my grow. Lets hope its a happy ending


Main reason I ask is I am planning to Mother several plants soon and want to eventually try to plant them outside if they survive my butchery. Great to watch people travel down the road before me. This is all a grand experiment for me. Thanks so much.


To be really honest. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and when i look at the plant now, i feel slighlty lost in what i should do… so i do nothing

And you’re welcome and enjoy the ride from the outside looking in cause its bloody stressful dealing with this plant :sweat:

Clean canopy


Looks like a freeky plant in the rain forest from that view. Too cool but I feel your
anxiety. I’ll be watching for sure.



A lot of the pure Sativa strains grew under a rain forrest canopy.


I cannot wait to put some sweet cherrypie through my little baby


Target has good prices, what part of thr world ru on