First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


Is cherry pie a sativa or indica dominant strain? it should pull through with no other interuptions, but not 100% on that note.


Cherry Pie marijuana strain is a 70 Indica/30 Sativa hybrid also known as Cherry Kush. This strain is a cross between flavor-packed indica Grandaddy Purple and strong sativa Durban Poison


I’ve read that Durban Poison is like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning energy wise. I grew some GDP over the summer. I don’t often smoke it but do eat it. Nice end of the day full body relaxation. Definitely couch lock affect. Gives me a wicked case of the munchies. Affects my vision and hand eye coordination a little.


Sounds like my time of smoke minus the affected hand and eye coordination

Well if my mother plant goes hermie ill still have her clones. Bitter sweet… im just not sure how to break to the clones that their mother might not make it


Don’t blame you there…


Whats your fav smoke so far ?


If I’m going to be active Purple Haze, Bubblegum mix is where it’s at. It keeps me energized, relaxed and fairly clear headed. King tut tastes the best. A little goes a long way with that one. I eat GDP brownies some evenings to unwind and relax. Great couch lock affect. I also have brownies that have 4 grams of each GDP, purple haze, white widow and bubble gum. The combination gives a mix of relaxing, energetic, euphoria. White widow is good for its euphoria. It almost makes me feel like had a few beers and high at the same time. I’m still feeling out Goldleaf and Purple kush.
So far I like them all for different reasons.


I cant wait to have a variety like that damn. Hows that bubblegum flavor?


I never got that bubblegum smell from it. Smells like peachy skunk. My buddy say it smells like an IPA beer. I can agree with that. Works great for headaches. Bubblegum is my wifes favorite.


Note to self


Clones are looking lovely


The mother is a confused reveg mess atm but no balls. Still throwing out female pistils so Im going to let this play out.

I removed the screen and just tied her down


She is a beast. Nice short and stocky


Lets hope it stays as a “SHE”


Nice Nice… . Glad to know it is a keeper, all that hard work and time you have put in on it… Good job


Clone update


It.may be tons of work, but you may wanna defol her


Clones I will defol at start of week 3 of flower which is 1 week away… i may do a very light one over the weekend.

Or are you talking about the mother base?


If you tap your picture on my post (to the right) itll bring u to the message i replied to. I meant the mama, she doesnt look like she has sufficient air flow and if/when she flowers it looks like higher risk of botrytis (bud rot)


IMHO Looks like @GreenCoat has enough fans going in the tent to not worry much about bud rot. Humidity is in check. Plus with the ph issue the plant is already stressed. Plucking leaves will cause more stress. When already worrying about her turning to a him more sress should be avoided.
I prefer a light defoliation of my plants. Only the fan leaves that block light to the lower buds sites is what I concern myself with. I keep as many fan leaves as possible.