First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


Fantastic! I’m reading about all these harvests. I still have 3-4 weeks on mine. Right now I swear it is like watching paint dry.


I think that’s why they say most new growers take harvest too early most times.

Wait till the last few days when your watching trichomes ripen. That’s exactly how it feels haha


Yes couldnt have said it better I’ll admit I wish I would have waiting another week maybe even 2. But mine still does the job and way smoother then other stuff I get here in town.


I cant wait to see our next grows. I bet the will turn out amazing.


What would you have expected to be different if you’d have waited the extra couple of weeks? More weight? Different level of medication? .?.?.?


More weight a heavier high. Also I’m thinking more flavor being brought out. But I harvested with mostly cloudy little amber and little clear. So right on the beginning part of harvest window. If I would have stripped leaves and let go for another week I would have had more like 2 lbs


I’ll be looking for some guidance as their time comes.


Well glad to give it. Wish I could see them in person and smell them. I have empty tent syndrome atm.


All right all right all right @GreenCoat…harvest all done!!! Plants are drying… you killed it man!! Way 2 Go…Bro…LMAO…
Lol @ you’re a bro right…that had me laughing along w wanting some love for the grow when I was scrolling the threads earlier. I also checked out post 1293 of the “show and tell” thread…33.33%


Thank you CrazyRock… Its an awesome feeling to accomplish my first grow with some very proud results… I’m definitely addicted now :sunglasses:

Yeah I thought I maybe rocked the boat a little too much with the staff. If they knew me in person they would know that I’m not that bad. I’m a lover not a fighter lol. So I seeked out some love hoping I didnt burn bridges. It’s a very cool forum and I do enjoy everything about it.

As for 33.3 … that twisted my mind trying to reconcile that one. I can have indifferences with people and make up 5 minutes later, I don’t hold any grudges. But i feel he just took advantage of it and kept pushing :sweat_smile:

33.3% mofo!


No doubt…no doubt…
Man …you rock the boat AND the cradle…


Including stems and leaf… clones wet harvest was 1pound.

So take away stems and sugar leaf maybe 700g


So around 5 oz dry weight not bad at all.


Wow nice haul! Well done. Seeing you’re a light smoker that should last you a long time.
If you’re anything like me I can’t help but have something growing all the time. Having a nice supply allows me to be kind to those close to me. That makes me happy sharing with people who appreciate it.


Thanks K


This would last me years :sweat_smile:

I would love to find some cancer patients near me who are interested. Not sure how to go about it though.


Lol I have t been a light smoker in a long time 5 oz would last me around 2 months


Five ounces in 2 months! I wouldn’t be able to function. A couple puffs two or three times a day for me. A brownie every once in a while. Having a variety lets me change the high throughout the day and limits the amount I smoke.


I smoke very little as well…my wife is the pothead…lol A cartridge will last me 6 weeks…I haven’t smoked a bone in prolly a week when I sit out back with the wifey!! I’m excited about some edibles though and like ALWAYS from this site…I just learned how to decarb from the regulars


What’s a bone? I’m thinking a J …

We call a skinny joint a racehorse