First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


Thanks guys :hugs:


It’s all over for my very first grow

Cherry Pie, is was an absolute honour and you will be remembered. Grow one complete😓

Last chop of buds


Final wet weigh in of Larfy bud & sugar leaves ( all for butter)

Rough total wet weight of plant 1200g (400g of larf)


Here is a crazy idea I’m going to try when flushing one of my clones for 1-2 days.

I’m going to lower the PH down to 4.5 using blueberry juice


Yay!! I love crazy ideas


Why dont u see if she has the energy to reveg before you cut her stalk? She looks like she will push new leaves out no problem


I did think about it but honestly I just wanna move on.

I’ve just dropped 4 autos bubblegum, blueberry, Jack herer & northern lights


Yay should make some good butter. I just bought me a butter machine. Going to make some oils and butters. U going to make any hash?


Haha you’ve literally just reminded me about the butter machine… which one did matty say is was?


Have fresh weed is very new to me. I know there are options but I feel making edibles is what interests me the most


He has the mb2e I just ordered the stx infusion machine looks like the magic butter machine just a little different.


Ok I’ll look them both up. I may only get one option being here in Aus


You can use bubble hash and dry ice hash in edibles


I do have the 5 filter bubble bags that I bought for a mate to use with his left overs, but he never used them. I watched allot of videos on making hash using ice in them


Using dry ice or water ice bubble hash?


I cant remember I’m too stoned & tired right now haha


Lol I found the dry ice so much easier and seems like u get more out of it.


Dry ice I hear works better it’s a colder temp and freezes the trics on contact knocken right off apposed to water and ice there hase to be some that gets stuck everywhere


It seems like water would make a bit of a mess as compared to dry ice cause … well, its dry


7 :cherries::pie: clones harvested

One more makes 8