First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


I know that’s what I’m thinking. I’m very surprised after I cut all the main colas to see what was underneath. I couldn’t get them because the branches are so short I couldn’t space them out


This will be my first try so I haven’t had a chance to smoke it but by the reviews it’s rated fairly highly but I don’t think it’s a very popular strain the people like to grow.

It has a tendency to go hermie… but I’ve been pretty lucky with the mother and the clones


so far I have 700 g wet harvest with the main colas but I still have about 1 or 2 weeks left to ripen the colas they were under the main colas. I took the main colas at cloudy and I plan to take the rest of the colas at maximum Amber. The reason I did it this way because all the undergrowth had of lot of fresh colas coming through from the revegetation. And the main colours were fairly dense and drying out a little bit


Thanks mate … it’s been a bit of a nerve-racking ride with that potential of it going hermie


Good job @GreenCoat I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Thanks bubble I’m sure I will.

I’m really looking forward to making gummy bears :sweat_smile:


Nice job Green~! Share those Gummy Bears now! :smile:


Thank you @kw_Bat… Im not feeling very confident with the thought of making them. But once I read up and I get started I’m sure it will come together in the end.


From what I read, a few people have trouble getting the bears to a solid, no sticky form.

I have never tried it yet, just preparing for the day.

If I could have all my meds in eatable form would be great for me, that way I can ingest on the go. Which is critical for me.


Now you see the benefit of multiple plants with smaller amount of colas will drasticly reduce your time


And lessen your shaded undergrowth to maximize with little to no larf


Off my 4 trained ph …didnt want them to big to shade underneath so I got no larf really all acorn to pine cone size because everything got light I k ow you culled undergrowth earlyer in life but you now see what will produce and what wont now so u know if it’s worth leaving something or taking it for clone or discard


Clones are coming to an end. I’ll miss them I’m sure


We will have to see whether or not it was a good idea in one or two weeks because these ones underneath are still in cloudy stage so this step-by-step process could always be an option…

In my situation I couldn’t space them out because my branches was so short and thick so I had no option but to cut off main colas to give the undergrowth a chance to fatten up.


Oh it has been done like this by growers for a long time harvesting partial plant and allowing underside to get light… buuut that’s just extending the time on the same plant imo I like to keep em smaller and hack em all at once you can get same yeild with multiple smaller as you see with your clone army if not more quality nuggets because the plant is focusing energy to a few tops instead of 50 …every top you kinda reduce the cola size a little I feel you are never gonna get that monster size and quantity unless you find the happy medium I k ow just from past experience from a natural to a topped plant the bud size evened out but were smaller then the 1 main. Cola … but you cant say that completly because your leveling playing feild by training out and getting light everywhere instead of top bud only … anyway stoned ramble sry lol but 1 more question the buds underneather the ones you already harvested like really how big are they are they going to amount to anything


You got anything else brewing or do you gotta drop seeds still? I thought I rememeber you having something else going


I’ve got 3 cherrypie clones taken from flowering mother currently revegging


:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: pretty!!!


Woooowww that’s gorgeous


That’s a truly beautiful plant @GreenCoat
I’m sure it will smoke as good as it looks.
Well done. :+1:. Peace. :v: