First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones


Mother transplanted into fabric pot


I’ll see what this can do until harvest


Mother of Cherry Pie




Beutiful colorsman


Thanks fano_man


Not sure if transplanting this late in flower will do anything. Is there significant root growth at that stage? I’m not sure, I think no


You never know until you give it a go. Keep in mind I’m reveging so I feel it will benifit. And the fabric pot was 50mm larger in diameter(which I left as a air pocket) at the base so there is more room for roots.


I just mean that I dont think there is any appreciable root growth in mid and late flower. But it shouldnt hurt. And uve been rocking out!! U do u!!


Ok so flushing is done

I took all the main colas off and left some of the smaller ones due to the reveging and them being behind the top.

Here is the badly trimmed buds :grimacing:

Here is wet weight from main colas… take off some weight from rookie trim … is this a good harvest…?


Ur killin it. Now dry and cure without any mold issues and ur set. Knock on wood…


And what prompted this


Prompted what, taking main colas for harvest and leaving the rest…?


Hey @Hogmaster got to the end with my Cherrypie & no hermie :nerd_face:


Pruned, fed and ready to finish these smaller colas for 1-2 weeks.

Hopefully I’ll get a pound from her in total


Even after you took the head nuggets the plant still looks huge!


Congratulations @GreenCoat!

I have been silently following along for a few looks. Looks like a great haul.

What are your preliminary thoughts on the quality of the strain?


Congrats @GreenCoat looking good love the color green on them buds. Ur trimming will get better with time and bigger colas lol. I found that curved pruning sheers worked the best.


Also I produced 700gs wet off a whole plant so I’d say good harvest.


Nice job I was just saying they have a tendency to hermi mine didn’t country’s did but very nice @GreenCoat