First Grow Journal - CherryPie Mother & 8 Clones



sphagnum moss soil cover foliar spraying 2 times a day with aloe vera with water while keeping sphagnum moss moist with worm tea!

Aloe Vera Plants Empower Your Crops

transplanted into a larger pot by drilling holes into smaller pot so I could add 70% perlite, 15% peat moss, 15% Vermiculite for a oxginated area… Next time I’ll do small cloth inside larger cloth keeping different medium mix in outer pot :arrow_down: :alien: :flying_saucer:

Culled Tops

Clones Taken

SCROG run of stand with trays made
Pre Flower is over with first signs of female pistils showing :arrow_down: Flower stage count begins

Interactive Effects of UV-B Light with Abiotic Factors on Plant Growth and Chemistry, and Their Consequences for Defense against Arthropod Herbivores

Red Light & Far Red Plant Growth


CherryPie Clones

New lights on their way for CherryPie clones…Was going to wait till next grow but thought I’d get in on the flower for these clones

First time grow. 2 white widows from ILGM any help would be greatly appreciated
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ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal
First Grow Journal - Checking how my girls are going
ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal
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Great Journal photos mate :+1::kangaroo:


Cheers mate… having a mission with getting humidity down to 40% while keeping heat down as well.


Love the Aloe, use it myself, regarding the humidity i had two fans to start now i have four it helped.


Plenty of amino acids in the Aloe. Yeah I think I might have to squeeze in 1 more fan


She is a beast. Good job so far!


@dbrn32 Changed/upgraded Lights

CherryPie mother now has
quantum 288 v2 + 450W Reflector Viperspectra LED
2 x 50w infrared coming tomorrow

Managed to get humidity down to 45 with new lights as well… win win.


8 CherryPie clones now have the Mars II 900W Led ( should have went with 6 )

Removed the 2 x250w 2700k CFL’s at this stage… might drop some blueberry and make use of them.

No training at all on these clones, already into flower. Just going the let them run with maybe a supercrop & lolipop.

I need to transplant into 8L pots this week.


Clones are gaining some major traction


BAM Dats what I am talking about .

Nice job


I’m usually a guy that likes to see time past me by slowly…But! Ever since I’ve started growing , I’m thinking…Hurry up will you!!

I think once I get one harvest done with some good smoke into jars ill be much more relaxed. But currently I’ve found my first growing experience to be fun but also slightly stressful :grimacing:

Possibly because of the high risk strain I’m growing turning hermie. Anxious it could turn at any given point.


here you are about to start a plantation from one seed


I know right :laughing: … but to be honest I only cloned for the experience. Now I’m cherrypie deep :grimacing:

Next is Blueberry then clone blueberry then order mix pack then clone mix pack then order mix pack then clone mix pack :exploding_head:


With your existing clones you may be able to make 100 more


That’s enough Shenanigans out of you bass :rofl:


Some say dealing with me is like herding cats


It can be done base


Im really looking forward to cloning a photo


I cannot for the life of me get my PH lower than 6.8

Ive flushed at least 100L of 5.6 through it. WTF!!!

@MattyBear @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @latewood @helpme!!!

Ive tried vinegar, ive tried apple cidar vinegar, ive tried PH down.

My PPM is now at 345

Ive got a blue lab tester thats calibrated & ive tested the water old school with test tube and tape. The ph pen coincides with tape


It can be tough to balance a drifting ph. A flush is usually 3x the volume of soil. So a 5 gallon soil pot needs 15 gallons of water for a flush. Just keep flushing with 5.8 until the runoff is in spec. The only problem is the ph will drift even after you flush it out and get achieve your desired soil ph