First Grow Journal - Checking how my girls are going

Hay Fellas,

I’m back with some new footage of my first girls. I am very proud to give you guys picture and it makes me happy how they grew so far. Without you guys help this would have never been so smooth and easy for me to go through. So once again thank you a lot. So back to initial topic. Won’t bother you guys too long with me saying thank you for the tausend time here lol.

Some facts:

  • I think the plants are 10 weeks old (around that for sure). I made me a sheet but I have no idea where it is right now. Problems you have when you smoke too much I guess lol.
  • One of them grew way faster than the others. I have no idea why. It had a 40 cm long root. That’s was crazy to see.
  • The others do fine but are way smaller. I don’t get it really. 2 of them are a bit stretchy, but I finally was able to give setup the new light so I guess the time where my girls begged for light are over
  • I put my light on 50% its capability, is that good or should I turn it down or maybe even up?
  • Its a 320 XW QB V2 Light, the one I got recommend for my 1x1x2 grow tent
  • I got a nutrients pack but I’m still hesitating to use it. Could anyone give me any suggestion if I should start? Maybe with the Pictures, you guys know more about my situation.
  • I got 6 plants

Okay now some Pictures: 36 indeed, sorry I know could be a lot. If you guys want to I can edit it to minimize them a bit. I would love to hear any suggestion for improvements or anything. Thank you.

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I’d think you could go ahead and turn your lights up, and probably move them a bit closer. But they look good for your first grow!

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Looks like your over watering them plus they look leggy … :+1:t4:

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Also some of those plants that have stretched, I’d put them in a larger pot and bury a good portion of it, maybe leave a couple of inches from the bottom leafs. It’ll give better support and roots will start to form.


What strain?

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You sure ? Which signs are you reading ? Maybe the yellow leaves near to the soil?
I asked some others and they said its fine so Im courius. I heared the yellow leaves are natrual since they are the oldest and lose there power after time.
I water them in 2 days periods. Should I extend that.
Thanks for the suggestion.

3 Amnesia Haze
3 Royal Ak I believe

Just did :slight_smile: Thanks. With these tipps they will grow even better.

Okay nice. I will do that in a week. I wanna give them a bit more time to built up more roots.

Looks like U just watered them? Was looking at the photos with clear pots and IMO they looked too wet … others might be a better judge @MattyBear. :+1:t6:


yeah I just did lol. Water is such a ugly topic lol :slight_smile: Thanks mate

Dont use clear pots. roots dont like light.

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whats the dimensions of ur light mate:grinning:

19,75" x12,75"x 3"

Okay will Change

Just see if the clear pot will drop into another black pot, or repot.

You can also drill allot of holes in your smaller clear pot and put that into a larger pot. I did this and put a high volume of perlite in my outer pot and it worked great.

Food for thought

okay will do soon

Will mark that, thanks

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Scroll through top pics to get a visual… now some will say cloth pots do the same thing so why bother. Because I dont think they are the same. One prunes itself and the other grows in the outer pot looking for more oxygen. Otherwise why would they grow there. I could also flush the outer pot daily. No science behind it because I’m not “a scientist” … food for thought