First Grow Journal! Bruce Banner, Gold Leaf, and Auto Sour Diesel

I’ve got trim from GC, getting close on GDP harvest. I’ll probably make some cannabutter. Watched your video. Great dog, he’s definitely a good boy.

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Ain’t nobody gonna die today​:grin::sunglasses::man_facepalming:


Anyone here tried bruce banner 3?

I have not. I tried some bruce banger out in colorado and that was amazing.

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Hey, I am new here. I am the proud parent of a twelve foot tall Bruce Banner that I am growing outside. I usually pull my plants by this time (oct 15), but she doesn’t look “colored” enough. Suggestions?

Pictures would really help. You’ll want most of the pistils to be brown before you consider harvesting it. After the pistils turn brown, I check trichomes most should be white.