First grow journal, 2nd grow

2 gallons 6-6.5 PH water

2 gallons water PH 6-6.5

So many bud sites and a lot more purple. Trichomes are still cloudy, almost zero amber so far.

Water only 6-6.5 ph


Split the stem and documenting trichomes to see if it helps. 5 days and then 48hr dark.

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Great colors are pulling through. Wow.

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Went into 48 hours of dark @6pm 6/4.

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Update. Hermied plant pulled 54g cured weight at 65%.

iv never seen this. whats this for ? thanks

She’s beautiful. Job well done

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@ImNewHere From what people have said and things I’ve read, it boosts the trichomes at the end.

Thank you. Can’t wait to see what it smokes like and the thc level.

Ready to hang. I did notice after spitting the stem and 40 hours of dark, the trichomes look longer and skinnier. Plus there is a sparkle to them even though they are cloudy. Tried to get a picture of it.


Congratulations on the chop! You’ll be in trim jail for a bit now. :joy:

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With the music cranked and Puffin on a J, if only this was the hardest part of life!! :joy::joy::joy:

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Forgot to post numbers at harvest.

Moisture level tested with probes on two different buds.

6/6 (harvest day)
70 F at 48% humidity
Fan leaves wilted
Sugar leaves had some tips that were dry

Moisture meter reading between 20-24%

6/7 (24 hours)
70-72 F at 46-47% humidity
Sugar leaves a little dry.

Moisture meter reading between 16-20%

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Ok so some buds are reading 7-8% some 16%. Going by the snap method the buds won’t snap off, the stem bends. Same with in between buds. Just bends. The out side of the buds are dry to the touch, but not brittle, and the buds are a little squishy. Is it time to trim or maybe 1 more day? @AfgVet @imSICKkid @Covertgrower @Calizona

These are in a grow tent
6 inch fan set at 50%
One small oscillating tower fan on the floor not on buds set to low
4 inch blade fan facing away from buds downward in a corner near the fresh air intake which has a filter on it.
70-72 F at 48-52% RH.
73 hours drying so far in total darkness

Thank you for the help so far!! Stay elevated!

I would let them dry more. I dont like to trim and jar mine until the buds snap off the stem. The outside may feel dry but once they are jarred the moisture will even out.


53g cured weight from first plant that herm’d and pulled early. Been in a grove bag for 4 weeks sealed with a food sealer. (Smooth and tasty, just not as strong)

165g weighed after drying (waiting to get final once moisture is at 65%) second plant

47g trim

1.5g kief

Going into 1oz grove bags for curing soon.