First grow journal, 2nd grow

After a let’s call it a smokeable first run (4 plants 111 g over dried over trimmed) on to round 2 and a grow journal!

Day 1 germ

The purdy’s:

Purple Punch bag seed x 2
Rapid Rooter plant starter pods
24 light on at 50% 18” away
MarsHydro TSW 2000
70 f temp
4x5 tent

40mg sugar cookie
Purple punch/Doug’s Varin mixed cone from first grow
Still running in the next room with a QWET solution distilling.

Stay elevated!


Good luck on your grow! What are you going to be growing in? What nutrients do you use?


U said you made a big batch of qwet big enough to distill I’d be interested in checking that out​:v::sunglasses:

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@imSICKkid I used 50/50 soil w/nutes and coco material for first transplant from germination. Then went to 75/25 soil to coco material for final potting with success so I am going to try that again. From my lessons learned on my first run I wanted to keep some things the same as I learn. However I forgot the brand names, going to put them here once I get to the store again to get more.

@fano_man this was a smaller test run on a new set up with an unsmokeable plant (it grew fat flat buds with more sugar leaves than flowers but looked like it was snow covered there were so many tricomes). I didn’t like the new set up, extra effen sketchy! Was trying to keep it low and slow to keep the terps. Instead I almost pushed all my furniture out through all the windows! :joy::joy: getting a PID to use on my air still. Here’s the bad idea!!! And a photo of my last run. Yield was 3.6 g after fully purged in a vac chamber from 25.5 g cured flower. Second photo. For making oil or edibles I don’t care that it loses some flavors and partially decarbs dues to the still running at 185f. For making my carts though, I do care! :joy:

Finally got two to start. Started 1/11. Forgot to get grow medium to mix in with the soil so:

1 gal pots

Using sunshine all purpose potting mix from my last grow

Rinsed with 5 gallons of water with 3ml/gal base to make the soil run off ph 5.5 and to bring the nutrients level down.

@imSICKkid can you tell if these leaves look ok or know who to tag that could give advice? They seem a little wrinkled and light green.

Light is 28 inches away
Temp is 73
RH 68
No nutrients added since transplanted from root starters to soil Wednesday 1/20
Soil was soaked and let to run off before transplant and no water added yet it’s still damp under the top inch
RH was at 27-30 for a couple days until I got a humidifier (northern mid-west winter weather :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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Looks like she was just getting a little hungry. She should be just fine

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Thank you.

Transplanted to final pots.

10 gallon fabric
50-50 cocoa peat and soil
.25- gallon of base nutes at 3ml per gallon
1 gallon ph 7.5ish to help with acidic soil just to dampen the medium
Light at 22 inches set to 80% for a day to minimize shock
The three nutes I’m going with this round.

Stay elevated!

Kind Nutrients

1 gallon water each @2 hours after lights on
Kind Base: 4ml/gal
Kind Grow: 8ml/gal

Issue on one plant. Seems to have stopped. Watching closely. The other plant looks healthy.

Sprayed with neem oil two days ago.


1 gallon water with nutes each.

4ml/gal Kind base
10ml/gal Kind grow

Trimmed lower growth and topped
LST to start soon.
Lights at 100% 24 in from top of the plants
76 degrees F @64-70 rh.
Fan on canopy and one underneath


1 gallon water with nutes each.

4ml/gal Kind base
10ml/gal Kind grow

1 gallon water each. Trimmed some of the large fan leaves.

Each plant

1.5 inches coco coir added on top
.5 gallon water to wet added medium 7ph
2 gallons of water with nutrients (ended up with .5 gallon runoff)

Light at 20 inches above canopy

6ml/gal base (4-0-0)
12ml/gal grow (2-2-4)
6ml/gal liquid karma (.1-.1-.5)
3ml/gal cal-mag (2-0-0)
6.5 ph

1 gallon of water each ph 6.5ish

image image

1 gallon per plant. Trimmed some larger fan leaves. Switching to bloom.

12/12 lights 18 inches from canopy
RH 54

10ml/gal base (4-0-0)
6ml/gal grow (2-2-4)
10ml/gal liquid karma (.1-.1-.5)
5ml/gal cal-mag (2-0-0)
6.5 ph


Starting to give off that smell!

1 gallon 6.5ph water per plant.

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