First grow journal 1 Afghan auto

Frosty, thinking i have about 2-3 weeks left hopefully !


Wow, she looks great, and so big! :star_struck:

Your training really helped to even her canopy and make more tops, which will pay off.

That’s way too soon, sorry. More like up to 6 more weeks. Every plant is a bit different, so watch her development and trichomes. Especially if you want some/lots of amber, it will take a bit longer, but you can harvest in different stages of trichome development.

As her flowers develop bigger, look to drop the humidity if you can, 40/45RH or less to reduce chances of mold or bud rot. It looks like 69RH in the pic? Also, see what leaves, especially down below, that you can take off to increase airflow and reduce the potential for white powdery mildew (WPM).

Looking at your gorgeous plant makes me want to grow another Afghan. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t really know, hopefully you found the answer. @Fiz Could you help?


I am like the last person to ask about nutes, honestly - it’s been my Achilles heel.

But I do think around 1000 is good from what I’ve heard others say. I keep feeding Sally at around 900, but she returns around 1200 every time.

Which I then feed to my houseplants, and I haven’t killed any of them yet. So yeah, sounds fine to me. :wink:


No, that would be me. :grin:



Thank you guys and 6 weeks jeez yes i have a little dehumidifier I’m gonna throw in there soon as well ! And yes it fluctuates from 50-55% then 65-70% post watering.

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Yeah, I know, the waiting and watching. She could be done sooner than 6 weeks, it’s so hard to tell this early. 50-55% is fine for now since she’s earlier in flower.

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Awesome so aim below 50% as it gets closer ?

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Yes, maybe even less, if that’s do-able. Keep the good airflow. :+1:

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First orange pistol !

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