First Grow: Jack Herer (F) @ 3 months

I got it wrong on the grow time, saw the expected “VEG” time versa “FLOWER” time table too late, but they have been in flower stage now for three or four weeks. out of the 16 or 17 weeks.

I could have timed a lot better, but the buds are looking okay and the parts I trimmed over time gave a good mild buzz. I think I’ll shoot another pic showing the whole group, but not now. Main thing is I wanted to show the buds that are forming - kinda snowy looking!

One of the plants I “lollypopped”, some I just removed a few fans to make room for light to get to parts under them. Some I only took off dried or yellowed leaves, there are four plants altogether:
Three Jack Herer, and ONE Durban Poison


~It’s suprizing how thirsty they get

Durban marked, all others JH



Looking good @FrikkinFrank keep up the great work

Of personal interest to me is that the one all the way on the left was the one that had bad soil at the beginning, and had such a hard time growing. I would say it has caught up - but then I gave them an extra 2 weeks in the veg stage without knowing it.

But the (?) “COLA’S” on the two on the right look like they are going to be fat -
I didn’t top any of these, tried to “FIM” one of them, I think it is the second from left, but it didn’t work.

Looking at the tops of the center stems is inspiring!

I’ll have to shoot a pic or two in “NON-PAR” light…

*** What is the most useful to me?** (ILGM Feedback)

Knowing how many weeks a particular strain or variety is ideally in each stage, such as Jack Herer requiring 7 (SEVEN) weeks in veg from the day it sprouts, followed by 10 (TEN) weeks to completely flower…

So we know what we can expect, and can schedule the entire grow from the beginning.

JACK, takes seventeen weeks (and it is considered long).

I wish I had that clue when I started

But I also wish I knew exactly when to change the light cycle, that too was something I only recently found about it.

I’m pretty sure this is the fourth week of budding, so there are prospectively 6 more weeks of bud growth to go. I’m not sure i can imagine buds that big…

The Durban Poison plant actually looks like it’s sporting a ‘woody’ - no pun intended

  • Either that, or it’s flipping the bird…

Did you take any pics of the beginning of grow check the time stamp on pics or if you bought soil or such maybe receipt or credit card info might give you idea when you started

Here is a link to a thread where I commented on how healthy the sprouts were…

  • The Durban is technically a month behind the other two - it was ordered after I got the Jack Herer seeds

(I got excited)

But all of them seem to have evened out at the same height

~AGAIN; it was a late switch to flowering lighting schedule (12 - 12) by one or two weeks

~ I also did not start out with an ideal set of lights. I got that right about a quarter of the way in…
I can honestly recommend a DIMGOGO 1500W

More pics in ‘real’ light and one in ‘MARTIAN’ light:
I like the way the buds look like little snowballs or powder puffs forming


*Exact date the first seeds were planted was Oct 17, 2017