First grow, issue's with twisted leaves

Hi guys,

So it’s my first grow and I’m stressing out!

My first seed I germinated died as it had helmet head and I messed up removing it.

I’m growing white rhino but not having much luck. I’m using a grow tent and Mars hydro led 300w, temp doesn’t go over 27 degree’s and humidity always around 45.

I planted her in a jiffy pot and she started off amazing but now she’s looking sad and deformed and she hasn’t started growing any true leaves yet. She’s almost 2 weeks old and has basically stopped growing! Also her cotyledon leaves are now yellow and her serrated have started twisting!

Any help would be much appreciated as I feel like I’m messing this up massively.

Thanks guys.

Watch those jiffy pots. They hold a lot of moisture and are notorious for causing overwatering issues. I stopped using them for seeds because of that. I’m thinking overwatering is the issue.


Thank you for help, much appreciated :pray:

I drop my seeds into solo cup filled with ProMix after they pop a tap root. Then a use a spray bottle to water. I spray the soil lightly around the seed. At this point it doesn’t take much water to cause a problem. Let yours dry a bit, use a spray bottle, and spay the sides of those peat pellets. Make the roots reach for the moisture.