First grow, is this nutrient burn?

First time grower here. I’ve done a lot of container and in-ground vegetable gardening, but have some questions about my new plants. I think one has some nutrient burn possibly, and the other is really stunted and also has burnt leaves.

  • Indoor or outdoor? Outdoor
  • size of grow? 3 plants
  • Origin of seeds? ILGM, Autoflower CBD Mix
  • Regular, feminized, or autoflower? Autoflower
  • Origin of water. PH, EC/TDS of source water? Tap water
  • Grow method? Soil. 50/50 screened topsoil and aged manure compost + Perlite. I have used this for tomatoes before and they did fine. 7 gallon fabric pots in saucers
  • Nutrients or fertilizer system used. Aged/composted manure (no horse) in soil, added 1/4 cup Happy Frog All Purpose (6-4-5) at week 3, 1-2 tsp of 24-0-12 about week 4 because the plants were still pretty slow
  • What type of lighting are you using? Outdoor, south facing, zone 6a
  • What are the temps in your growspace? last 3 weeks have been low to mid 90s in the day, mid 70’s at night
  • What is the RH = relative humidity in your growspace? Day - typically 30%, Night - typically 70%
  • How long have you been growing? First grow

I have three plants. Two are the same age, the third is about 3 weeks younger. All of them used the same soil and fertilizer mixture, are in the same location, and get the same amount of water.

First plant - Critical Mass CBD Auto, this is Week 9-10

Second plant - CBD Kush Auto, this is Week 6-7

  • germinated in water, sprouted in 1" rock wool block, then transplanted into grow bag
  • first attempt sprouting in soil died of damp off, so I tried again with rock wool (first time using rock wool)
  • plant had 2 sets of true leaves when transplanted and roots were starting to show at the sides and bottom of rock wool
  • very little growth over the last 3 weeks. Plant is still about 3 - 4 inches tall. It has added a few leaves and looks like it is starting to flower.
  • leaves are yellow/brown and burned at the tips
    I think this is nutrient burn, but I wanted a second opinion.
    Is the stunted growth from using rockwool and transplanting into soil, or something else?

3rd plant - White Widow CBD Auto, this is Week 9-10

  • germinated in water, then sprouted in soil block, then transplanted into grow bag
  • no real issues. It has good looking leaves, a few branches, and the flowers seem to be coming along nicely
  • Found a cutworm on it this morning, but it only got part of two leaves

Thank you in advance for any pointers

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Yup! Sure is. When using nutrients and going by the directions you should only go at about half strength of what the directions suggest. Just so you know you can burn your plants up real quick and real bad as you’ve already learned so going with half the strength is more so recommended and never go full strength unless you wanna lose your plants.

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Any good options for correcting at this point, or just let it go and see what happens?
Any ideas on the stunted Kush? Is that also because of too much NPK?


You can’t correct it like in fixing the leaves as they’re already damaged and there’s no coming back from that. The next time you feed though go with half the amount of nutrients that you used and everything should be fine. Then you can gradually increase your nutrient levels at feed time as the plant gets bigger and bigger.

Same thing with the Kush plant in that it’s nutrient burn but I don’t know about using Rockwall and then soil because I’ve never used Rock woll.

Thanks. Guess I will be looking at an indoor grow next because it’s too late in the season to try again outside.

You can always start it outside in a pot and then bring it in once it gets cold or if it hasn’t finished yet. Were these grown indoors first and then brought outside?

They were inside until the second set of leaves, then hardened off and transplanted outside. The CM and WW are about a foot tall now.

Is that water drops on your leaves?

Can’t say much more than what’s already been said. I had same experience this spring when germinating. I had way too much fertilizer in starter soil. I used straight water when I put them in The ground. This is what they look like today
Happy growin

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Just thought I’d add:

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Yes, it just rained

Very nice looking. I wish I could put mine in the ground. Containers are tricky.

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Tricky yes, the slightest breeze blows them over. I’m building stone planter boxes for next year. Soooo tired of dragging plants under cover every storm .

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