First Grow-Is this a bad potassium deff in first/second weed of flower

Strain-GSC Auto, Big Jack Widow
Method-Coco with dry amendments (Dr earth Veg/Flower gril)
Vessels-5 gal fabric pots
Ph of Water-5.8-6
PPM of water- N/A i use RO water
Indoor Grow
Light System- SF 2000 LED
Temps- 70 night to 76 day
Humidity- 50-55
Ventilation- 4inch controlled by Temp and Humidity
No C02
Ac unit and dehumidifier out side of tent

I’ve been fighting a nitrogen/magnesium deficiency though the my whole grow and i was starting to get it under control with blood meal and CAL/MAG and a bit lower PH (was at 6.5) and i just realized that my new problems may be something different, i think i may be having a potassium deficiency but since this is my first grow I’ve never seen it my self and was wondering if i could get some insight of more experienced growers on if I’m correct or way off. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This is also around the 2nd week of flowering i think. As i was thinking this was still my nitrogen/mag problem I’ve amended with 25/75% (Dr Earth Veg to Dr Earth flowergirl) of my dry amendments and a tablespoon of bloodmeal last week. And I just applied my first compost tea made from Malibu compost teabag. Should I do more or see if my problem continues in the next days or week.

In the photos I had already pulled some dead leaves, ill include one that’s not fully dead in the pics also.

Bonus Cat pic included

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Not a coco grower but I love the kitty cat !

Lol i figured someone would like it

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Mine did that. Im in coco as well.
I was overfeeding. Cut back and its fine now.
The damage is permanent so watch new growth.

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I had read something about if your over feeding on other nutes then the plants would have problems getting some others. Maybe thats what is happening

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If you mixed your Dr. Earth into the coco you basically made yourself some miracle grow soil.
I wouldn’t know how to pH the water and I am not sure flushing would help because there are slow release nutrients in there. Could be other issues but I am at a loss to help.


Yea at the start of grow it was fully mixed in in the soil and last week i top dressed them with the dr earths, i think the only way i could ph the soil is to get a soil meter, due to i dont think i can measure runoff ph the way im growing. Im gonna to move to a different system next grow, and find something that fits my newness to growing. been looking at the earthbox way after watching it on the buildasoil youtube

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Look into Jacks 321
Growing in Coco with jacks and RO water is super easy.
In RO water the nutrients come out right at 5.8 pH
You use the same amount of Jacks from seedling to harvest and as long as you dont try to over feed like I did everything works great. I will find a thread or two to show you.

sweet ill look into it. i was kinda goin off a youtuber id been watching called canook grows or something like that, but he uses gia green amendments and its expensive to get in the states. my main problem is overwatering and underwatering so thats why i was looking at the growbox, because it takes that part out of the picture

Jacks is what you should try.
Its not expensive. There are folks on ebay and amazon selling small repackaged amounts because it only comes in 2 sizes. 2.2lb and 25lb.
With coco you water every day with some runoff. Remove the runoff and your done. Impossible to overwater in coco.

is that the same with when plants are smaller? i put 3 liters each on them today of that tea and still didnt get runoff and was really worried i was gonna over water them. maybe thats why im having my problems, ive been underwatering them and just waiting till they felt light

Same formula from day 1 to harvest
I am growing in a 1 gallon fabric pot and half a gallon gets me some run off.
Water them once a day. Two plants fill up my 3x3 area

sweet, my next grow i may try that jacks on a plant and anouther in an earth box and see how i like them