First Grow Inventory Plans-Suggestions Wanted!

Looking at starting to cultivate over the summer for personal use/gifting to a few family members. Quantity is less important than quality and I plan on running approx. 4 autoflowers at a time. Plan on initially starting with soil, and if I enjoy the hobby, investing further in hydro if I feel the returns/quality warrant the investment. Seeking advice/feedback on planned first set-up. Will be growing in relatively cool, large basement. Looking at:

4x4 Gorilla tent

2x HLG 350R LED (prefer to buy HLG based on reviews and the 350R based on reduced heat compared to RSpec models, other suggestions are welcome)

AC infinity inline fans/carbon filters

3 or 5 gal fabric pots

FF Ocean Forest Soil (open to other recommendations)

FF nutes (open to suggestions)

oscillating fans
ILGM Sweet Mix seed pack

Will also purchase other equipment such as PH pen, humidifier/dehumidifier (based on need in grow space once I set up) timers, temp/humidity readers etc.

I’ve read enough to know that any successful grow has more to do with experience than the quality of the equipment, but I want to at least do what I can to put my inexperienced ass in the drivers seat of my first grow. Any suggestions on other items/replacements for what I have suggested are welcome.

Cheers and thanks for the feedback!

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I would look into jacks for nutrients. I think @Nicky is doing a side by side of jacks and advanced. And so is @Hellraiser. Most people move on from the fox farm nutrients for a reason. Jacks 25lb bags are definitely about the most bang for your buck you’ll find. Jacks part A, B and epsom salt. About $130 on amazon for all, but you won’t be buying nutrients again for a time. Just don’t waste money on the 2.2lb bags. Since it’s only like $12 difference for the 25lb bags.


Appreciate the feedback. Are there any nutrients that are less likely to burn your plants (easier to use)? I certainly want to do what I can to improve quality/yields, but with my first grow i’d prefer to err on the side of caution. Or are all nutes just as likely, with the only variable being the ability of the grower to manage their application?

You could just switch gears to a living soil where you add no nutrients. Just a recharging compost tea 1-2 times throughout the grow. Look under the organic section of the forum and soil building for more information on living soil.

Thanks! I’ll check that out. Any other suggestions on the proposed set-up i’m looking at?

Looks pretty solid. Lights the one thing you don’t want to miss on and you can’t go wrong with hlg. I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble with heat and any of their led options.

Thanks again for your suggestions!

I actually recommend 2 260xls if you dont mind wiring it yourself or 2 300rs ( also code “dude” for 10% off)heats really not a problem with leds and instead put that money towards a ac infinity cloudline 6 incher , ducting , and a carbon filter. That will help regulate heat better anyways. Also look into getting coco bricks they’re far more forgiving for beginner overwatering it’s also a better medium for hydro nutes . If you ever want to do organics look over Here theres also some other beginner tips there. Oh and get a good ph pen apera is the cheapest I’d recommend and do yourself a favor and use 5 gallon fabric pots, with such good light they’ll need the root space. Lastly look into getting mr fulvic and giving them 1 ml dose every week that stuffs amazing for autos organic or hydro nute friendly.

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Awesome feedback! I guess my only concern with the 300RS compared to the 350R is the heat/distance from plant needed. Originally I was looking at putting one 600Rspec in the 4x4 but called HLG customer service for advice and they recommended 2 HLG350R due to less light/more flexibility on distance to plants (of course, 2 HLG350R do cost $400 more than one 600Rspec) so who knows what’s the correct answer. Seems like both set-ups would be super awesome light options. If anyone has any experience with mounting heights and temps in a 4x4 with the 600Rspec id’ love to hear them.

Is Mr. fulvic all one would need nutes wise or is that a supplement?

Just a supplement itll actually make the plant consume 1.5 x the nutes which leads to more explosive growth

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Also, how are the coco bricks used? Are they broken up and mixed into other soil? Used as the direct planting medium into other organic soil? Or clustered together in a pot?

You rehydrate them then they make for a very fluffy soil ( that has no nutes naturally in it)that allows for your roots to never suffocate even if you over water

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And of course they’ll recommend the most expensive option lol do the 600 if you want 1 light or 2 300rs if you want more control which is what I’d do

@GreenSnek is mr fulvic liquid or dry amendment?? Might have to try this with my aitos

I started with fox farm ocean forest soil and nutrient trio. They got me through the first couple of grows. You will need to supplement with calmag. I like to tinker so started modifying soil by adding compost, coco, more perlite, other minerals and good stuff. Then switched to advanced nutrients Iguana Organics line along with a bunch of their supplements. AN is good stuff and once you settle on recipe is easy to manage and use. If you like spreadsheets and excel, it is even easier.
The evolution continues. Moved away from “soil” and into inert mediums of coco and peat. And with that change in mediums, also switched base nutrients to Jack’s 321 formula. I am still using AN supplements like sensisym, voodoo juice, piranha, bud candy, nirvana. With the change from soil I also changed from top feeding to one autopot and sub-irrigated planters I assembled.
I am liking what I am seeing with the autopot and my SIPs. You can check it out at Let’s Grow Some Purple Kush
You can count of knowing where you start is not where you will end. That is part of the enjoyment I receive from this endeavor.

I have used Root Hume liquid Humic/Fulvic acid by simple solutions. Also, after switching to advanced nutrients, I use Ancient Earth - AN’s leonardite product.

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All fairly good advice.

HLG is good but your best namg for your buck. Is build your own, if you don’t feel. Comfortable with doing that (super easy) then I would recommend kingbrite off Alibaba for lights. Hlg is great but expensive, kingbrite is best pre made bang for your buck.

Stay away from anything else basically, mars hydro, anything on amazon etc.

I’m dojng. Jack’s. Vs Chemgro, chemgro is a Jack’s similar product. I’ve been using for 2 years before Jack’s got popular on this forum.

Almost any coco will do, just read to make sure it’s low EC /pre washed.

My final suggestion would be autopots, they are a game changer.

Liquid I usually measure it with a oral syringe

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Gonna get a bottle and try it.

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Awesome. Appreciate the feedback, everyone! I’ll definitely start digging a little deeper into some of the suggested soils. Can most of them be purchased on amazon or do you have to have a special gardening supply store?