First grow indoors!

Hello everyone! Long time enthusiast and lover of marijuana, cannabis, devils lettuce, wacky tobaccy or whatever you like to call it! Here’s some pics from my first indoor grow!

Grow medium: FFOF soil
Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio
Pot size: 15 gallon fabric pot
Light: HLG 260w v2
Seed: Bagseed possibly gelato or gorilla glue
Temps: Veg 76-80f Flower 70-77f
Light Schedule: 18/6 Veg 12/12 Flower
Grow time: 7 weeks Veg 9 week Flower
Tent size: 3x3x6ft vivosun
Grow method: Used alot of Low Stress Training and I topped twice, one at 4th node and once at 6th.

Water with tap that was adjusted to 6.4 - 6.7 with ph down as my water runs very high in the 8’s. Watered usually 2 times a week, used the picking up pot method to figure best watering schedule.
Watered with 16oz at start to 2 gallons towards flowering.

Overall had a great experience with my first indoor grow and am excited to make adjustments for my next grow that will be 3 autos of Sir Jack from exotic seeds, purchased from seedsman. Looking to purchase another tent possibly a 4x4x6 and another qb from hlg to start a perpetual grow room!

Any suggestions ot questions are always welcome and appreciated! Couldn’t have done it with countless hours of podcasts lol forums like this great community as well as Reddit.

Glad to be a actual member here as you all seem very chill and way more open to insightful help and options than most other places I have seen.


Welcome to the forum! Looks like you’re doing an excellent job, keep up the good work.


Thank you so much, definitely have tons to learn and improve on but very happy with the fruits of my labor!! Plan on making a new post once I get the autos going in the next few days. Learned alot of patience and not to overthink things on this run, patience is still being tested as I’m in the first week of the cure lol


Outstanding! Welcome to ILGM. Great screen name, too :joy: :v:


Haha thank you!! Can’t wait to share more and learn along the way as well as helping spread knowledge.

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Welcome growmie! Gotta say you did a good friggen job! Can’t wait to see your next run.


Thanks brother, much appreciated!!