First grow indoors. Closet grow ILGM GDPA

Day 19. Ladies keep growing!! Little dwarf gal is still kind of pail. Might have over watered her a tad. She has grown though. Other 2 ladies are looking pretty decent I think. Will start Fox farms nutes at 25-50% on those 2 this weekend. Seedling looking good at 7 days. Will transplant her into FFOF mixed with 30% Perlite at 3 leaves. Raised lights 1", increased dimmer 100%. Have a pretty decent stockpile of beans with a few more coming for future grows!! Eager for the finish line already, lol​:rofl::rofl:

Day 21. Day 9 for seedling (was about to give up on my little girl when i germinated this one, but she’s doing well now, so now will grow both) Gave first feeding of FF Nutes yesterday. 7.5 mil Big Bloom, 4 mil grow big, 5 mil each Kangaroots and Kelp me Kelp you, and 1/4 tsp Beastie Blooms per gallon. Split 2 gallons ph’d to 6.45, 650ppm (400ppm nutes, tap water is 250ppm). Run off Tds was 1650ppm. Decided to go ahead and transplant seedling this afternoon. Prepared 5 gal fabric pot with 30% Perlite and 70% FFOF. Mixed 5 mil Kelp me Kelp you and 5 mil Kangaroots to 1 gallon dechlorinated tap water, ph’d to 6.50. Transplanted then watered entire pot. Her roots was already to the side of solo cup.

Decided to do some LST this evening using the plastic clips. Opened the girls up pretty good I think.

Correction. 1/4 tsp of Open Sesame was used, not Beastie Blooms.

The 2 ladies responded well already to the LST. Will do more this evening or tomorrow. Trying not to snip any fan leaves yet, unless I have to

More training today.

Did clip 5 fan leaves

Day 25. Watered yesterday. 6.49ph. Bigger 2 ladies took a gallon each. Little gal about 3/4 gallon

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Did some more LST this evening.

Gonna have to water plant on the left tomorrow, I’d say she drank almost all the gallon I gave her yesterday, her pot was alot lighter. Other 2 are good for a couple days they felt. Took a couple more fan leaves off.

So would you consider this 1st day of flower?

Day 28!! Watered the ladies and gave about 1/3 strength week 4 Fox Farms nutes with 5mil Tiger bloom added. (6.6PH) Let that soak in for 30 mins. Mixed up half a gallon of Real Growers Recharge. Gave all 7 of my girls 285 mil each.

Day 30. Looks like pistils are coming on. So I guess this will be first week of flower


Day 31 group photo!! Watering day this morning. Fed the girls Week 5 Fox Farm nutes. Getting to be a pain to get under the ladies skirts to water. Some healthy shrubs though!!

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Always let play out when she a lil mutated u never Kno. Heck mine was jus like it’s n nutes burnt n now she

Didn’t see bottom pic plants look Lovely . Btw great closet set up

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@Steelhrt72 Thanks man. Yea the little mutant is the center plant now. She has come along nicely!! I have another one in my tent grow now as well, uggh!! Guess I just got a thing for “special” plants, lol. Here’s a pic of the one in my tent. I have a journal here on the tent grow as well.

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That’s hilarious she looks so funny. Yea I jus had to toss one after 2 weeks she didn’t pass 2nd leaf jus kept burning from there but yours is moving up it’s crazy how these plants work truly is but amazing.i can’t wait to see how your baby comes out . N I am digging your set up. *Hts legit

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@Steelhrt72 Wow!! Look at her today, I inoculated her with Real Growers Recharge 4 days ago. I believe this stuff is working. Gave her and the other 6 ladies more this evening!!