First grow, Indoor, OG Mix Pack + Gold Leaf, Coco/Kind Soil

Hello ILGM Community just wanted to share my first grow/consecutive grows with the community i have purchased my seeds from! This is my first grow so all input tips or help given will be considered, however i do my best to research so i won’t believe everything i read on the internet :stuck_out_tongue: Also first time logging a journal will do my best on pics if you want anything particular just ask! Thank you in advance! This first set is currently 3 weeks old and is the OG Mix Pack (Fire OG, Sky Walker OG, OG Kush) and the Gold Leaf! I am currently running 3 tents

The 18"x18"x42" is for early veg/dry harvest/flex tent. Has a 150watt Sun System HPS with a carbon filter. Here are the girls in there first week in the tent

The second tent is for Veg/Transition Period,

It’s a 24"x24"x50" tent with a 450watt ViparSpectra Par Series. The girls are currently in here
They have been in here for 2 weeks and are growing nicely in FoxFarm Happy Frog Soil 1 Gallon Fabric Pots. I am using the General Organics Go Box recommended nutrients for feeding. I plan on transplanting them to 3 gallon pots in a few weeks under Kind Soil and Coco Coir.
The last Tent is the Mars Hydro 42"x42"x70" tent with a Mars Hydro 960 Reflective series

Stay tuned as i plan to grow more from ILGM i have already purchased a variety of seeds and will cycle through them as such!


thank you for viewing ILGM have a great day!


I’m finishing up a Kind soil grow myself. About 2 weeks from harvest. If you have any questions, tag me. Also here’s a link to my journal if you like.

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That’s good you don’t believe everything you see on the Internet but here all we want is to see people succeed. This is a very friendly knowledgeable people who all love growing mj and love to see others grows as well as lending a helping hand. Also so much more so welcome to ilgm happy growing


Excellent variety of genetics! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll take a seat and watch the class you have going. Seems like you have it going nice and smooth and good luck on this grow

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This is week 3 update! Girls look fantastic! Here are all 4 under the viparspectra 450w IMG_0749
This is the Gold Leaf IMG_0747

This is the Skywalker OG IMG_0745

This is the Fire OG, She is the tallest IMG_0743

And last but not least the OG Kush! IMG_0741

Thank you for following!


Excellent so far :+1:

This is the end of the 4th week update! Transplanted into 3 gallon pots this week and added Kind Soil under the Coco Loco. The Fire OG is about 1 inch taller than all 3 other plants which are pretty close to even at about 8 inches. Plan to Top atleast the Fire OG this week if not all of them, have levelers under plants to keep the canopy even for the week. Should start transition into flower in 2 or 3 weeks! Everything looks great so far had a few lower leaves maybe start to get nutrient burn from the Kind Soil transplant but they will adjust if they haven’t already!

Here is OG Kush Top

and OG Kush Side IMG_0760
Here is Skywalker Top
Skywalker Side IMG_0762
Here is Gold Leaf Top IMG_0763
Gold Leaf Side IMG_0764
Last and not least Fire OG Top IMG_0765
Fire OG Side IMG_0766
could’ve maybe done a better job transplanting but only way is by hands on!
Thank you again for following!


Looking good @durrmoxx. Keep your Ph correct and you’re off to the races!

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They all look great

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Thank you for following i have been watching your Kind Soil grow for weeks and using it as a guideline for what i plan to do so thank you for your journal! @SilentHippie

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They look happy. Are they autos?

All fem seeds from ILGM! @ftrup

I chose for my first grow White Widow autos from ILGM. Really happy I did.I just started my flush last week.I also used fox nutrients.

What is your tent and light set up? Have link to thread? @ftrup

I went big 8×4!!! And 3 bestvas1000 and 3 Cree 300 lights planted May 15th. I’m out in the garage 100 degrees Plus. The tent has 6 inch ducting coming from the house into a carbon canister no smell. I didn’t think it would work but I guess it did. Inside the tent sometimes gets 93 degrees 45 humidity.! Florida1533052772283830485800|281x500 also I have 10 plants in the tent. The one in the back I over waterd it but doing ok.I am so happy growing it’s been a blast.

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What type of training do you like? And my forum is Bringing the plant’s outside.Have fun.

i’m not quite sure, it’s my first grow! I am gonna experiment a bit over the next couple grows and find something i can get a good routine going with!

Sounds like a plan.Have fun.

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