First grow inddors



hi i have tried growing with a 600 light 20 on 4 off 18/8 was first nutrient i have one plant that is
350 high 570 wide on its 8 set of leaves biggest finger i 170 long 60 wide should i keep the light the same as i want to grow to six weeks then turn


Your plants look healthy and full. If 20-4 is working for you stick with it. Most people stick to a 18-6 schedule. Some go with 16-8 schedule. 16-8 is what I’ll be using for my next indoor grow. That will save on the energy bill a bit and it’s good to let the plants rest.


I’m no pro but you can’t fix what’s not broke m8. Lookn pretty good to me. Wouldn’t change a thing


hi i am new. this is my first time growing . i live in okc and just got my med card so i need to get going. i would love autoflowering plants but do they have seeds to plant new plants with?