First grow in tent with gold leaf

I got 5 seeds of gold leaf from ILGM (of course, the best), 4 sprouted, and look amazing . Thick wide junior leaf, you can 100% see the good genetics in the girls, can’t wait till they grow.
The 5th seed, it started sprouting with the 2 initial leaves opening up, but then the root instead of growing down and anchoring, grew out of the medium . Resembling a hook.i must have thrown it out cause I can’t find it to show you guys. It looked like a fish hook.
Anyway, I have actually started off not the best way, Out seems I have left the light too far away from the girls. They have stretched a bit. I wanted to ask someone if this will have an impact on the rest of the grow. I use the set of nutrients from ilgm. I will do weekly updates every Sunday, (aussie)


@Andycad, I’m gonna hitch a ride, that is if you don’t mind. I see hydro in my future. I have just started my first indoor grow but have grown plenty outdoors. In my opinion, I don’t think there will be an impact on the rest of your grow. They don’t seem to have stretched that much to me. That being said, I know nothing about hydro

@Andycad most of us use the light in this same way, especially when they are this young.

Pulling the light closer will allow it to fill out, 18-24” from top of plants for most lights. Check recommended distance with your light provider. Also keep an eye on them to not crisp/ burn the leaves.

Your doing fine tho

I personally go back and forth during this time, stretch, fill, stretch.

A small 6” clip fan will do you well to make those stems stronger as they get bigger, now just gently blow on them to strengthen them up a bit.

Also remember you can always clone these great genetics. Look up bubble cloner

Great thanks guys. Glad to have you along for the ride.
In my small tent ( prep) I have a full spectrum panel. That the girls seem to thrive in. You can see a big growth every morning, but that could be the genetics too.

cheap, but works good.
Then I have my grown up tent,( high school)
Not sure when I will transfer , or if. I am predicting that the 4 girls will get too big for just one tent, so I think I might have 2 in spectrum and 2 in hood light.

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If the tap root pops up instead of going down, you might need to put them a little deeper in the medium.

G-day y’all, I just need to set up a plan of action with my auto girls, @repins12 at what stage should I think about tipping and scroggng?,
Also I have read about so many different ways to take cuttings which would you suggest, start them out with a zip lock bag over or I could make a makeshift hot house out of a cola plastic bottle. Also when I do take cuttings , where would it be best to cut? A branch with bud on it , or a branch with just the leaf. Sorry to ask so many questions mate, but you and ILGM are my go to grow masters.

@repins12 @PharmerBob. I know it’s only early but have I got an issue with the blinding on the end of the first leaves?

I am not sure if it is normal for gold leaf or if there is a deficiency

Can you post a picture in natural light? It’s difficult to tell true colors in that lighting, but may be something going on.

Sure, actually it doesn’t look half as bad under natural light. Lesson learnt.i will post anyway just to be sure to be sure

Still not sure on those wavy leaves , but I don’t know if it is normal for gold leaf.

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Yeah, looks pretty happy, overall. I’m a soil/coco guy, myself. @peachfuzz @Myfriendis410 @TDubWilly are excellent hydro growers to bounce your questions off of. But keep your numbers in the proper range and all that, good to go. :+1:

Also, it looks like the leaves are wet in some of your pictures. Try to avoid that, or do it at lights out if you’re foliar feeding or something like that. If there are water droplets on the leaves, they will act like lenses, and actually burn the leaves. That may be what the tiny spots are from.


FYI can’t take cuttings (clones) from autos

Can you provide any more information on your hydro setup? Reservoir size, how close to the bottom of the net basket is the solution, are you running air, what is the rez temp, what lights are you under, what is your ambient temp and RH etc. What nutrient line are you running.


Thank you @elheffe702 I didn’t realise they could burn from the spray on the leaves. Thanx 4 letting me know


@Andycad, Like @elheffe702 said droplets of water act like a magnifying glass

Just depends on what your using for lighting and the intensity of such lighting and height of said lighting… :wink:
I spray my plants twice a day in vegg with just good ph’d water… but I also live in the desert…
Pretty dry here…

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