First grow in tent (disappointed in harvest )

4 plants 8 cola’s , how do I get more large branches with tops ?

What lights, medium, nutes, ac, PPM/PH, Humidity, Fans, exhaust fan, intake fan, pot size ya running?


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Yes and training lol :point_up::point_up:

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Plants are super healthy , I haven’t kept up with ph but ventilation is excellent and temperature is good .
I think I simply didn’t leave them I vegetative state long enough . 4 weeks and plants were still small when I began flowering . I still have 3-4 weeks before harvest and based on the smell quality is there .
Round 2 in vegetative now ,believe with proper pruning and right feeding second attempt will have much better results . Keep watching and I’ll post some pictures at my first opportunity.

Whats up @Jbum? You got a diary going. If so tag me

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Well you will hear a lot about your PH/PPm here cause it’s super important to know what’s going in and when. Yeah 4 weeks for a photo is not that long.

How do you tag someone ? I’m computer dumb

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Use the @ sign then their name @meatman01

Yeah @Homegrown420 I sure will!

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Thank you

Anytime my friend!

  • List item What do you think , I added phosphorus 3 days ago and now about half the fan leaves are yellowish, is it a problem or should I just trim the yellow leaves ?

Jbum : I’m anxious for this first grow to end .
I feel certain that I will do better next try .

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Just documenting this one will help improve the next. Hard to tell in the pics but the light color is usually due to Cal/Mag deficiencies. Remind me what soil you are using again?

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What nutrients are u using also. U would want to veg them at least 6 weeks if not longer to get them bigger. Also lighting has a big part in it also

Used miracle grow topsoil , but only left them in vegetative for 4 weeks . Used miracle grow for feed for a couple weeks than changed to a 0-30-15 NPK should be ready for harvest in 3-4 weeks.
I topped them and formed 2 of them but still didn’t make many limbs for tops to grow , I think that’s where I need help most .

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The first problem is miracle grow. The biggest no no with cannabis the slow release nutrients make it hard. I would go with a promix next time. Use gh nutrients they are easy to use. Use a ph pen and ppm meter. U will be rewarded with good buds. Also what light do u have?

Not really sure I looked up grow lights on Amazon and bought the most powerful 1 available. All I know is its 1200 watt total and has a vegetative switch and a flowering switch . I believe it’s half the light I need .

They are very misleading about their lights. If you dig deep and research that light it’s probably only about 250ish from the wall.