First grow in a tent

Been growing for a long time, and even had a tent in the shed I bought a few years ago, and never used. I’ve always grown in a closet. I broke it out, upgraded from a cmh 315 to an hlg 350r grow light, and bought exhaust an fan. Damn, I love it. Two plants is almost to much, but I’m excited about tent growing, I’ll never go back. Gorilla glue auto, and OG Kush photo. Can’t believe I haven’t been using this up till now.


This is some i harvested from my tent


Congratulations looks good


Wow, nice. My next challenge is controlling humidity. Obviously there’s no room for a dehumidifier in the tent, so I assume I need one outside the tent big enough to lower the room. They’re expensive though.

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Thats what i have aling with a portable ac


you have a nice grow going…I have 2 tents in my house in a bedroom…no bugs…but controlling humidity is always a challenge…the dehumidifier units are really designed to remove moisture from a still room not a room that has a lot of air exchange going on so you have to get a really big one just to get some kind of moisture removal if you live in a high moisture area

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That’s what I was afraid of. I’d hate to buy one for a couple hundred bucks, and have no effect. I did hang some damp rid bags in there, and they really work. I got the non scented ones.

I have a 6" in-line duct fan vented outside through a window. Cut a board to fit in the window with a 6" dryer vent in it. Works breat.

That’s what I was going to do, but out of plywood with a little insulation glued on it to keep heat from coming in causing the ac to run more, but if the humidity in the lung room is 65%, I’d still be sucking in 65% humidity. I’ve been able to keep it around 55 to 60 so far.

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