First grow in a few

Grew outdoors some in the 70’s and 80’s just for fun…nothing since then. First time indoors and have made the usual noob mistakes (wrong soil, over-watered once when seedlings but they recovered). I think these couple things have slowed the growth of my girls this time around.

But I already have my next grow planned. Going to go the organic route with Pro-mix and Earth Dust and will diary it here too.

Here’s the set up so far:

AC Infinity 7x3x3 tent - am going to get a 2nd tent

2 x Unit Farm UFS3000 200w Full Spectrum Grow Lights w/UV & IR — 400w total for 3 x 3

5 Gallon Grow Bags

Scott’s Premium Potting Soil (Crap soil, I know…but live and learn…won’t happen again, I promise…lol)

ILGM GG4 Auto seeds (10 + 10 deal from 2021)

Bergmans Nutes

Distilled water only from germ to harvest. Not as much hassle with PH and testing.

Photone app to measure PAR and DLI

I actually bought the ILGM GG4 10 + 10 deal in Spring of 2021 but didn’t get around to planting anything until July 2022. I dropped 4 of them in a glass of distilled on 7/4 hoping they would still pop and one did within a day and the other 3 had tails the very next day.

I dropped them 1/2 inch deep in soil on 7/6 in 5 gallon bags and covered lightly and misted the soil. I covered with plastics domes to raise the heat to the soil too. I checked them daily and misted lightly after 3 days. On 7/10, after 4 days they all broke the surface and I removed the domes. I used some cheapy Wal-mart grow lights (blue and red) for the first week or so.

Below is at 5 days

At 10 days I threw one of the Unit Farm lights at them set at 30 inches above them. One of the girls is nerfy looking on one side as you can see and unfortunately she has stayed that way…but she’s still kickin’. I gave them all just a little drink in a circle around the plant.

At 15 days, I gave them all another little drink.

So I decided to wait a week or so to take more pics hoping things would get a little more exciting and they did. These are at day 23 below. My nerfy girl is still nerfy. I started using Bergman’s nutes at day 21 since the soil came loaded with crap. I didn’t want to overload it early on so didn’t use the Bergman’s seedling nutes. I dropped the light to 20 inches above the top of the plants also.

25 days and looking better. Got another drink.

Day 28 - the girls were looking stout enough to soak up some sun so I put the double whammy on them and added the 2nd Unit Farm light. At 20 inches, I’m getting about 470 - 720 PAR at tops of plants and DLI is 45-50. Will be easy to get PAR to 1000 for flowering with these.

Day 30 - that’s today. Will keep this updated as the days pass.

My little nerf…hope she smokes good.


Plants are looking good so far


Off to a great start…


Very nice. Set to watch. Its already looking like nerfs gonna be a sweet one!


Thanks all. This is a great place to learn…so many experienced growers here it seems. I’ve learned a bunch since I started reading the boards here.

I wish I had started with better soil but all in all, I’m very pleased with where they’re at for my first go round.


Bud of the Month…she has it in her…no? Probably be the one that keeps you on the couch…

Probably both. Is nerf in flower already? GG4 is on my all time favorites list! Will be getting some of those seeds for sure.

First sign of issues, start flailing arms and grunting like an ape…I know nothing about that peat mix (Scotts / MG), but I’d expect to see the pH acting up (acidic and hot) sooner than later. Keep a watchful eye, and new mothers overreacting response.

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I don’t think yet but getting close for all of them. I’ve read that about auto’s…flowering early. I’m hoping they just pulled down their panties a little to show me they really are girls though and I can get another week or so of veg.

GG4 is one of my faves too. I had some straight up Tangy a while back that was sweet…ended up with about 10 bag seeds from 1/2 lb. Will give a few of those a shot soon and see if I can get a few girls out of them.

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I’m putting 2 silver pieces on nerf for the win. She looks flowery.

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Yeah, will def keep an eye on them. I’m hoping most of the factory nutes are flushed by now or at least greatly lessened.

I’ve been feeding veg nutes for last week or so at half strength…will continue this practice with flower nutes to start and build from there if needed. I didn’t use any nutes during early seedling stage because of the crappy soil I used…just distilled water.

Plus only using distilled water for life of plant so no extra added minerals from the tap.

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I recommend topping at the 4th or 5th node…

Do you prefer topping or fimming?

I’m letting this batch ride as-is…no topping or training or anything…au natural…

I’ve got some photos that I’m going to run in the near future. Those will get topped a bunch.


Your missing out on yield by not doing so but that’s just my opinion. I learned my lesson and will never not top an auto again…

Welcome to the community Growmie and back to growing. Looking good in the grow space :love_you_gesture:

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You can most certainly top an auto, mainline, manifold, quadline…You can treat them just as a Photo, It’s all about the timing…Like Juggling.


I Fimmed my GG auto, and it worked out great. Harvested Monday and it looks like it’ll be around 7 ounces dry. I think fimming is the way to go over topping.


Sorry for the delay…got hit with the newbie post limit.

I’ve only tried topping but probably won’t do it on this batch of autos. I definitely want to try some LST on the next batch…and probably will top or fim them.

I’ve been reading up on fimming and it seems the way to go.


Sorry…limited on posts right now since I’m new here. I have been reading up on topping and fimming and I think I’m talking myself into it on 1 or 2 of these. Have you tried fimming? It seems like it’s even better for yield.