First grow in 8 yrs amnesia haze cont,


I started this in the outdoor grow forum. but due to unforeseen circumstances, I have parted ways with my outdoor partner and brought the 2 plants in 20 gal nursery pots indoors. after a good dusting with diatomaceous earth to kill off any bugs, I put them in a 4x4 grow tent with a 600 wt hps and a scrog net.

here are my results so far.


I’ve got one plant in a 7 gal smart pot and it was short going into flower now she takes up the whole 32"x32" tent.
Your plant is gonna be a monster … keep posting pics.


I added 2 AH seedlings in 5 gal grow bags in the empty area in the front of the tent. ill run the light another 2 weeks on 24 hrs a day, then switch it to 12 hrs daily. what area doesn’t fill in in the next 2 weeks, will fill in as they bud out. this should be a good one :smiley:


wish I had the money for a MH conversion bulb :confused:


Why are you running the light on 24hrs?


I’m trying to fill in the open areas, so I’m in growth phase. or did u mean why not 18 hrs? some debate the 18 vs 24 hrs thing. ive always gone 24 with the philosophy, whey don’t need a rest period


I highly debate that not out of experience but my brain won’t agree, lots of things grow in the rest period is my logic


I’m a 18/6 or 12/12 grower. I know all living things need rest.


usually I would disagree. mainly because I grew for 5 yrs on a 24 hr grow phase. but I’m in an odd situation where this is legal by my state law, but my electric is include with the rent at the grow and I’m trying to get a harvest in before discussing the new increase with the landlord, running 18/6 would lower the cost a bit. does anybody have any links to any studies or something solid on the subject?


and if we are going to resurrect an ago old debate here I should explain my view of it, I don’t believe they need a rest period. if it where a creature with a brain, I would say sleep would be beneficial. but a plant doesn’t benefit. and the loss of hours of light actually prohibit growth. and I base this on pictures ive seen of semi-submersed greenhouses in northern Alaska and other places that get 24 hr light periods. it seams if u keep it worm, they thrive and in a lot of cases produce giant fruits and plants.


I ended spending the $40 for a MH conversion bulb. ill only get a week or 2 out of it this cycle, but I’m sure ill use it on future grows. and I’m REALLY anxious to get to the budding phase and switching to a MH will make it fill in that much faster :slight_smile:


6 days into the 12/12 cycle. canopy has filleed in nicely


21 days since I flipped the switch. they still got a long way to go


![week 5|690x388](upload://gD1LiGKP1p6

TqjnzQR13dBx0B0J.jpg) 34 days since I flipped to 12/12. they are looking like they will be ready long before the 9 weeks stated


35 days


and sticky! omg sticky!!!


Looking awesome @oldpro very nice


day 44


That is an absolutely gorgeous canopy you have there nice and flat wonderful job man kudos :wink:


tomorrow I harvest 3 of the 4. stay tuned :slight_smile: