First grow in 25+ years. THC!(Things Have Changed!)

@anon84397802 I am pretty sure there is a minimal amount of soil left as the roots have taken over. 2 or 3 weeks ago I was giving 2 gallons to get 2 cups of runnoff. Now its about 1 gallon in for 2 cups out, just not much dirt left in there to absorb moisture.
Heres the feed schedule I’ve been following. Only using the trio (in green) and the bloom powders (in purple) didn’t have the attention span to use the whole dirty dozen. Lol.

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Happy cannaversary!!! :clap::cowboy_hat_face:

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Day 87
Feed day
Not using the dehumidifier water anymore. I noticed a film on top of the bucket I was using to mix food. The light hit it the right way or i would have never noticed it. I scrubbed the bucket out with dawn dish liquid and filked it up. Let it sit overnight and this morning there’s a film on top of the water. Don’t know if its a lubricant or what. But I’m Not using it anymore.

Mixed up some tiger bloom and 24 hour aired tap water ph’d to 6.7 and gave 1 gallon. About a cup of runoff came in at 6.5 and 836ppm.

She smells so strong I left her in the tent for this feeding.

Some bud shots. I’m seeing some cloudy but also a lot of clear. But I have trouble differentiating the cloudy from actually being cloudy and not just out of focus.

HAPPY GIRL!!! :blush::v:


thanks sheriff! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Also starting to ripen…The tomato/marigold coffee can death match.
It is a lot of work to keep these two happy. They get all of the runoff from Esmeralda and probably 3 to 4 gallons of water a day everyday. I hang them outside in full sun, every 3-4 hours they’re hit and need a good watering.

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That is wild!!!

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Awesome! I’m honestly surprised the tomato plant didn’t choke out the marigolds by now. Thanks for the tag @OldGypsy love stuff like this!

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My thoughts as well


@MadamCalamity The tomato would have definitely choked out the marigold if I wouldn’t have pruned her.
Edit: a lot!

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Thanks @Hellraiser I’m gonna keep a close eye. Well not my eyes, lol. they’re shot. But will continue to upload pics for the 20/20 veterans on here. :blush::+1:

Sounds like a headache but also a fun experiment! They both look extremely healthy. So does Esmerelda! She definitely stacked on some weight! I bet your anticipation is going through the roof right now! So close to that finish line!

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@MadamCalamity I have been snagging a bud here and there for a few weeks now. I can tell you it’s going to be some awesome smoke when cured. She has a weak side. There’s the 6 big colas and there was a weak branch that I let grow because it was getting unobstructed light…I thought it might catch up with the rest of the pack. When I did my final cut of the branches I wanted to flower, this branch, for some reason, got past the trimmers. Well it snapped off this afternoon and I trimmed it up. Going to put in the drying box under it in pic. My entire house smells like a skunk breeding facility. :blush::v:


Very nice :v:t3::sunglasses::dash::dash::dash:

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Nice bud.
You were the water from dehumidifiers if my memory serves me correctly.

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Yeah @anon84397802 water from dehumidifier no more. I was finding a film on the water after it had sat overnight. It was convenient as water was near ph neutral and ppms below 20. Might invest in a ro system. No more dehumidifier water.

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Nice! Looks great!

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How do you hind profile from public?

Happy cannaversary

Day 89
Esmeralda and her towers of flowers.

Couple of close ups

Not sure what I see here. Cloudy/clear? Don’t see any amber.


Need the camera to be closer to the plant. Looking great!