First grow in 15 years

Looks good

Looking good @Dmft420

Hell of a grow…looking great!! :sunglasses:

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26 days into flower
What a difference a few days of sun can do after two weeks of rain. Came home today and she was standing straight. Had her leaves perked up. The buds look fatter, and taller. I can finally see new pistols growing, not just old ones browning.
O happy day!
But for real I was getting worried. Florida rain for two weeks equals 100% humidity and 90 degrees. Aka plant crippler.


Just when you think it’s going to be ok, spider mites come along and move in. They are new and I will be treating tomorrow when I get home from work. Any suggestions? I did some reading and wanted to get some opinions. I inspected Mary as I do everyday, and found little yellow dots on her. A closer look, and I found some small black dots under some leaves. More inspection and I found small amounts of webbing. Then I saw them. Little shit heads walking around like they owned the joint. No way! They are going down!!! I’m sure it is from the rain and little to no wind. Not from any other crops, so hopefully not super mites. Please and thank you for any suggestions.

Azamax, I mixed some up and gave them hell. Didn’t get any responses, so I read up on it. This is what I chose. Hope this does the trip. Still hope to get advice or feed back from anyone…

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Damn! The ladies were looking just beautiful, too.

I’ve had inch-worms, white flies, and now leaf hoppers. I haven’t had any infestation; the plants are looking really healthy, but I’ve spent a ton of time hunting and killing these varmints by hand! And now I use Safer Soap regularly, too.

Timing is awful. @garrigan62 seems to be the expert on this sort of thing. I know he’s fully submerged some his plants in some solution to get rid of mites, but this far into flower? I don’t know.

Next time you ne3d advice tag someone!
They can’t help if they don’t know. @dmft420
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Don’t wright me off just yet my friend…lol

Mix together one gallon of water with a few teaspoons of dish soap. You should pour this concoction onto one or two square feet of surrounding soil. Do this either in the evening or early morning (before the sun comes up). Mole crickets that are present will come to the top of the soil.

You can try adding beneficial nematodes to your soil in order to deal with the problem organically. It should be already prevented if you prepared the site with organic compost. If you have noticed crickets anyway, add a thin layer of compost to your grow area…

Wote by Robert Bergman
Posted by garrigan62


I highly recommend taking the natural route and trying to use products that are organic and will not do lasting damage to your plants. Products containing Spinosad or Pyrethrin can be sprayed onto the affected areas without causing harm to pets or beneficial insects. Spraying a mist containing insecticidal soaps such as Safer Soap can be effective against grasshoppers but must be applied a few times for best results. Neem Oil is also a good route to take, especially during the vegetative stage as you don’t want this nasty smelling and tasting stuff leaving residue on your flowers.

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I don’t know how to tAg someone

@Nug-bug , never mind I just figured it out.

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@garrigan62 @Nug-bug @SourD was azamax a bad choice? Webbing had started and I wanted to kill la kill.

if you have webbing then use this it works great. I use it and many others that i have turn it on to:

Tabacco Juice recipe

Take 3 strong ciggeretes soak them over night in water then add the hottest hot sauce you can find.
Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, let it cool off and strfain it real good or it won’t spray. Then spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week. You can add safer soap if you like to the mixture.
(make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while handling and spraying)

Neem oil works very well too!!


So I’m using Safer Soap more now. I don’t like the residue, but I’ve started alternating rinsing the leaves early to clean them off, and then using Safer Soap at the end of the day to chase off the White Flies and LeafHoppers. And, I still hunt! Killed 5 LeafHoppers over the last two days. :smile:

(I dread the idea of spider mites, tho . . . !!)

i have a great video on cleaning your pot plants. I’ll turn you on to it s little later ok



I’d love to see it!

Update: so I sprayed with azamax and killed the mites. I left it on for five days. Once I saw no more mites, I sprayed her down with ph’ed rain water.
Note: I was careful not to spray the buds directly, just the tops and bottoms of my leaves.
Then I took some watered down neam oil and brushed the leaves top and bottom with a tiny paint brush. Finally I picked all the webbing off with a toothpick.
She is clean and bug free for the time being. Though the damage is done and noticeable. Not the worst, but I have yellow dots, and some are expanding :sweat::rage:.
I am in my fifth week of flower now. Hope it holds together for a few more weeks.

Also it’s been awhile since I have grown, how do the buds look? Getting ready? Tricombs are milky white, how far out you think I am?

@Capt_Seeweed @Countryboyjvd1971 @SourD @Hogmaster @Farmtown


Those look beautiful Dmft! I have another 6 weeks to go, and am engaged in the same battle. Just dusted them with DE, and had been spraying with NEEM and others before that. Fingers crossed.
Is washing plants down with hose, spraying the whole plant bad? Mine seemed very happy after I kind of abused them with a hose and nozzle. Then again, a few leaves did crack, or split. Not sure if that’s the mites, or me spraying with the hose too hard.