First grow in 15 years

Hey forum peeps, :tipping_hand_man: This is my first grow in over 15 years. I used to grow what ever seeds I found in my bags in high school. Had them scattered in all the woods near my house. We didn’t have internet back then and 420 mag hardly had what I needed. So it was all experimental. Topping and bending, in ground and in pots. Rain water and tap. You name it and we did it. Now I’m getting back into growing personal meds. Just one plant at a time, due to the area (state) I’m in. Did a lot of research and went and did as follows: foxfarm OF/HF 50/50. Started seed in Dixie. Trans to 1 gallon for 3 weeks. Trans to 3 gallon for 4 weeks. Trans to 5 gallon 2 weeks ago. No nutrients. Just let soil do its thang. I topped at 6 nodes high down at the fourth. Topped again once two nodes had grown back. Then just tied down and trimmed all leaves that where under a five tip count. Just wanted to see what you guys think of my first grow since I was a teenager. She just went into flower 3 days ago. Can’t wait to see what she becomes!! Almost forgot, she is 00kush I’m a smart pot.


Those look great, I hope I have success

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Cool, thanks.

There are many things I like about this forum. One of them is looking at great pics of God’s gift! :wink: Thanks, D!!


I plan on putting up picks twice a week till harvest, glad you like them. It’s been a long time since I have grown. I forgot how much fun it is to watch sweet chibba grow. I wanted it to be an easy light work grow. Just to dip my toes back into it. Good soil, light training, and ph water. Fun times!

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First time grower myself, and starting to understand what this new obsession is getting me into! ;D

ph water. What are you doing? Distilled? Treating tap?

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I filter my tap water with a britta. Which usually leaves me at ph 7.2. I drop it down from there to 6.6.


@Dmft420 welcome to ilgm looks great keep it up

Looking bomb. I’m sure you’ll have a great harvest

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Looking good @Dmft420
Welcome to ILGM
Happy growing :v::cowboy_hat_face:CB

Had crazy rain here the past 2 days, and my ties come undone. But Mary held together in 20mph winds with gusts of 30. Soil is full of rain water and some leaves are curled down, showing signs of over watering “starved of oxygen”. Since I’m five days into flower, I really want my ph to be right. The rain water I checked was 8.2ph. So I really want to flush with good ph’ed water. Question, should I wait a day for the smart pot to dry a bit before I flush? Will it effect her in a bad way if I wait, or will it harm her more to do it now? On a good note, buds are dry :blush:

Update! Flushed with ph’ed water and she is looking better already. Also I built a frame and retied her. I love having only one plant going. I get to really spent some quality time with her. Check it out


Looking good a few days of sun she will dry right out

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I’m back, and man o man has it been a challenging week. We had 8 days of solid rain and zero sun, I mean none! My baby got soaked with rain water. I moved her to a dry spot. Bad location it seems. It was dark, damp, and cool. What grows in that, I ask ya, mold. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

I actually had to tweezer spores off and put under a freshly bought grow bulb. It felt like I was playing operation. To add to my problems, I found little caterpillars eating my baby. And those larvae the eating in your leaf.

Let’s just say they got what was coming to em. Death, if you were wondering.

So here she is, first day of sun in over a week.
15 days into flower.

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She’s looking good keep it up

Just got a micro lens for my phone. Totally worth it. What a difference!!! Here are my trial pics. I just got done weed whacking my yard and couldn’t hold my arm still. Will post some better ones soon.


How old are your plants? I am doing first outdoor grow ever and wonder the age they started to flower? I have 5 plants from bag seed that are 60+ days old and something is going on with them.

She is 4 months and 17 days old from popping out of soil.
She is 17 days into flowering. I topped her and tied her down and have 10 main shoots. So all the pics are of the same plant. Night here is still only 10 1/2 hours. I started flower by putting her in my garage a few hours before dark. After 4 nights she started to flower. Kept that up for the first week to make sure she wouldn’t go back into veg. Now she is on natures schedule and doing great. I trained my outdoor grow to keep her lower than my fence. Most growers don’t recommend it, and they let the light do its thing. This has its advantages, but I’m not looking for a 8 foot high plant and a 8 month grow. My neighbor and I started the same strain at the same time. He has done no training, and neither of us have used nutrients. His plant is two feet higher than mine, skinny, and no where near flowering. Time will tell on the yields. I will follow up and let everyone know the outcome.

So what’s going on with your ladies? Got any pics, or a thread going where I can look at them?

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22 days into flower…
So I’m starting to see what this grow has produced with no added nutrients. Smaller buds than one would expect this far into flower. We have had weeks of rain since she started to flower. So I have had her under cover. Probably getting 2 hours of sun a day on average for the past two weeks. So that has also played a part in it. I’m still loving how she looks and smells. We are looking at more rain for this weekend. Hopefully she can get some much needed sun next week. What do you all think?