First grow in 15 years, going dwc this time!

Hey guys this is my first dwc grow ever and my first grow in 15years. plants are 30 days from seed as of today. My question is what do you think about trimming some of these fan leaves (I’ve been tucking some of them up until now) I intend to scrog (I’ve never before only some lst many years ago) but haven’t started training at all due to a lack of space in the tent. I do have a 6’x9’ space for flowering with a 1k hps with only 5’8" from the bottom of my glass to the floor so I’ve got to keep the canopy low. Any guidance,tips and comments would be much appreciated!


Plants are looking wonderful and absolutely yes you can get rid of some of the big fan leafs

Healthy happy GORGEOUS plants.

I agree. A few here and there wont hurt. I kinda sit down and spit the pot rotating the pinch locations. 2-5 off each plant every week or so and ull never notice.

thanks for the advice i went ahead and pulled all the major fan leaves and fimmed all but 1. Some of the undergrowth was in sad shape but they def responded getting the direct light. Just a day later they looked great.first pic is evening of the 11th and Second is this morning the 13th. By the way the 2 back corners are super skunk,2 front corners are god leaf, center front is blue cheese and back center is unknown bag seed they are on day 35 from seed