So here we are, I have 6 auto flowering white widow from ilgm. I’m in a small 2x2x4 tent and I think I’ve had a little ph issues. My question now is how often should I feed moving forward, I have been feeding every other water( about once a week) I am approaching 7 weeks and want to make sure I produce the most and densest buds I can! I was thinking of flushing to Make sure I don’t get nute locked out due to salt again like I did with the smaller pots earlier in the grow! (Newer photos are too 2 obviously) I wanna hear what everyone has to say!!!


Im new and am not your guy on this but im bored so i will drop a line or two. Most people will say follow the feeding schedule and most importantly the flush that is for the nutes your putting in that should be with your nute product. I didnt receive a feeding schedule with my nutes so i pretty much fed nutes in between every watering but i watched my plants and sometimes if they looked shabby i may water 2 times (days apart when soil is dry) then come back with nutes. @Careg seems to push the boundaries of loading as much nutes as he can into a plant so he may offer advise. He is growing white widows also. @yoshi may offer adise but he is a very worldy business man with a 007 swagger online. From reading his grows he has educated himself well on nutes and has tried a plethora of different brands. He keeps his ppm (nutes) at a high level without putting the plant in danger. He has had fantastic results and can be trusted with his advise .
I was thinkin like you but then decided being my first grow and alot invested ,personally and monetarily, that i would rather produce than take a chance of killin my crop. It still came out pretty dang good for my first grow. I started at 200 ppm and increased it by 200 ppm each week until i got to 1000 ppm and then i started having bug problems which made my plants sick so i backed off the nutes to get them back healthy. Most people i have read go to about 1,600 ppm in flower and then start backing it off and flushing as you finish the flower cycle so you dont end up with harsh smoke. Reminder, im new so i would get more advise, from people who have Bergans lab member by there tag .
My first grow and these plants have been tortured by bad ph ,bugs inadequate lighting ,and an amateur grower lol white widows


Thanks for sharing man! I read a lot of your thread! Good luck first off, second of all Any recommendations for a good Ppm meter, seems like I need to get one asap, I’ve been mostly following the GH feeding schedule and have their “complete set” of nutes, as for flushjng, it would just be preventive cause I’m worried of a salt build up, I’m trying to make sure I can give them nutes as long as possible so I can maximize yields even if I have to cure a little longer.

Oh and who know what this means lol (brown spots)

I bought the cheapest tds meter they had on ebay cuz money was tight. After using it and the ph meter, i would recommend getting one with a light up display or a large LCD so you can see it. When you stick it in the flower pot resevoir in your grow room you almost have to get on the ground to read it. Ya you could take them out but it gets old moving several 3-5 gal plants in and out the grow tent to put them on a table so you can see the little 1/2" screen on them.i definitely plan on buying a new meter with large display, that lights up and has corded probes you can stick in the water while holding the meter where you can see it. I hope to sell a lil of my final product to buy some better supplies and equipment . This is not a recommendation, its just an example, i dont know anything about the product

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Read up my friend. Alot of things are very similar so you have to find the small details that separates it from all the other similar deficiencies. My plants got light burn when the lights got to close, it looked similar but not sure. Your spots looked more like they are center around that main vein that runs down the center of the leaf (shows im a noob i should know what that vein is called). You might check Boron deficiency on that chart. My leaves curled like a claw though

Thanks for the info, I was leaning that way with the curling of a couple leaves and purpling of a few other.

Those brown spots is definitely boron defiency , so I advise a strong flush with very light feeding until it’s corrected but if you in flowering you might be out of time to correct it .


I agree with yoshi. You definitely need to get at least a ph pen, or oh test strips to measure ph of soln in and the ph of the runoff. I had ph issues that really slowed my plants in veg. You can get test strips pretty cheap in most garden or pool departments.

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If I use clear I got solution do I need to see runoff?