First Grow ILGM GDP Auto

Here’s my First attempt. Going with the ILGM GDP Autos . Mars Hydro ts-1000 2022 / Promix and worm castings / myco supreme / blackstrap molasses / chelated iron / peat starter pots / 2 gallon grow bags (I know they are small) / Vivosun tent / fan / ph up n dwn / fox farm trio as backup. Just waiting for beans :beans: to put on the stove for soup


@NUG61 heres my setup big homey going to try to just stay simple have a couple days before go time so I may get some bigger bags

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Welcome and here’s to a successful run! Is that tent 18 x 30 x 36”? Looks familiar :love_you_gesture:


@OGIncognito preciate it I’m gonna need all the help
And support I can get , my dad used to grow football fields in the 80s , he died in 89 and the cops seized all our valuables … here’s to that :metal:

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Right on Brother and hate to hear about your Dad! This community is great and all are extremely willing to help you succeed. Great tent size and would mention getting the big 3 dialed in will make it easy street for ya. Lighting, nutrients and environmental conditions are the big 3. For lighting we shoot for 45-50 watts per square foot of grow space. With that said you’re at 8 sq ft so optimum light wattage would be in the neighborhood of 200 watts and that’s draw from the wall. I think that MarsHydro TS1000 is around 100-120? Keep tagging us with questions, I don’t want to info overload you all at once :love_you_gesture:

Yes it is I also have a Wayme 600w blurple LED that I can use along side it . Do you think it would make it wonky with two diff types ?

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Thank you for the tag…set to watching. Welcome to the community. :sunglasses::v::heart:

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Both of those lights are great for veg and I’m assuming combined you’re setting at around 160-180 watts. You could run these 2 but will most likely be hurting for full bud development unless you can get the DLI set for 2 plants in that grow space. HLG makes amazing lights, a little costly but worth every penny. I have 2 300 RSPECS AND 3 200 diablos. The 200 watt Diablo is a jewel and cost about $200.

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Threw a couple of random
Bag seeds from two different strains in just to test it out . These were my first “official” try lololol needless to say there leaves were growing wonky and there was gnats on em so like a dumbass I read on google to spray them with peroxide and dawn …… welp I can say this it will kill the shit out of ANYTHING it touches and I do mean anything …. Bugs, plants , you name it … sooo they somehow managed to survive

…. 2 weeks later and they are finally just showing ANY kind of new growth the older one on the right literally had 0 Leaves on it and just started sprouting new growth so what the hey I’m gonna let em ride for now and see what happens .

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No. I have a Kind Series 2 XL600 paired with a lamp that has white full spec with red and it produces very nicely. I looked for the light mention but found Wakyme instead. This one was around 110 watts.

I had to smile when I saw the gallon of molasses. That is a lot of molasses. :pancakes: :pancakes: :cookie: :cookie:

For gnats use Mosquito Bits. Sprinkle some on the surface. It is a BT granule that kills the larvae.
Also there is a lot of bad bro science on the web. The spray may have worked on strong vegging plants but not on seedlings or young ones. Peroxide is a good disinfectant but can’t say I’ve heard of it being used on gnats.

We have all been there. As questions come up, ask away. Good luck and have a blast.


Well done! Cannabis can be very resilient and will flourish given the right conditions. Seedlings require very little water and a high RH. I cover my seedlings with a clear solo cup and mist the inside and water about a shot glass every other day. Around day 12-14 I transplant to their forever home. Then it’s a gradual water increase until the roots have established and spreading out. I water a 1/4-1/2 cup in a circle about 6” around the main stalk to promote the root growth. What final medium are you planning on and nutrients?

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Final medium is going to be a mixture of Promix , worm castings , some extra perlite , coco perlite 70/30 and a little bit of compost I’ve been brewing up for a few months .

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Here you can see how OLD the plant was on the right when I almost killed it … it’s now come back and doing well new growth looks good it’s in a shitty pot with shitty dirt but both of those dudes made it through the poison so I figure they deserve a chance to stick around and see what happens

For a 5 inch plant it’s got a tree trunk , thing looks like a palm tree atm lol

Here’s my squash from 20 days ago to Today (just bored taking pics until
My beans arrive)

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That’s a lot of different ingredients, promix Soil?

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Yea it’s technically “soilless” but yeah it’s the red bag in the first pic.

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All three have finally sprouted up
I planted all three differently
The one that is sprouted and well on its way I put seed in the ground at 1 1/4 inch deep and watered.
The one that is sprouted and just coming around I Soaked in a shit glass until tap root showed then put in a 1 1/4 inch hole with some myco supreme and watered with shot glass.
The shorter one that’s still growing a little weird I did the wet paper towel method until it popped and buried it 1/8th of an inch deep with small amount of myco supreme.